Faith: circa 1855…

Mount Olive Baptist Meeting House/Church is a place which has long been retired from use, but not from its beauty.  Thankfully, the property is covered under the Green Acres Act of NJ.  This quaint church holds an  old cemetery to it’s left…most headstones are leaning one way and the ground is entirely uneven…spooky? Yes…but more interesting than anything else, I’d say!


The door alone was amazing.. Still can’t tell which layer of paint came first, the red or the green…


Stunning stained glass windows encompass the walls of the church…



Shadow of an old oak…


I found a hole in one of the windows and decided to take a look see.  As I peered into the window an absolute CHILL filtered out of the window.  My response?  Stick my lenses in! Interesting result..


And the roof was rather nice looking…


The graves… In this first one, I could be wrong, BUT doesn’t it look like there’s a shadow of someone standing in the upper left corner?????


Love how the moss seems to hold this one up…


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