Gobble Gobble..

Turkey Brook Park in Budd Lake, NJ is the site of a brand new park which includes soccer, baseball fields, etc. As one would expect, this was formerly a farm which dates back to the early the early 1700s.  This building is only one of two which remain on the property.  How could you possibly tear this beauty down???

History: Seward Mansion resides at the opening of Turkey Brook Park. The building was once owned by William H. Seward; a former New York Governor and Secretary of State to Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson. The mansion was built in 1858 by Beulah and Henry Seward. The mansion had 9 large rooms, a grand staircase at its center, chandeliers, ornate mantels and a wrap-around porch. Architecturally, it is an example of 18th century stone construction in a mid-Victorian style.

The building is currently undergoing renovation efforts by the Mount Olive Historical Society, sadly it seems like a mere skeleton of its former self.   Too bad I couldn’t get in!!  Note  fence 🙂


Although I was able to get some nice shots from the fence’s perimeter…DSC_0250

Very Rapunzel let down your hair…


The molding reminded me of a delicious chocolate bar…






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