{engagement: Kim & Don} New Jersey Wedding Photographer

It’s really remarkable to be a photographer, especially when I find myself in the midst of a modern day fairy tale.  Queue Kim and Donald.  This couple exemplifies the meaning of true love.  Big statement right? Well it gets better.. Kim and Donald met in high school and Donald knew from the moment he met her, that she was the one he wanted to marry.  The only problem was that Kim was dating his friend.  When Kim’s boyfriend at the time would write her love letters, it wasn’t her X writing them,…in fact he had asked Donald to write them for him.  Fast forward a couple years, now both 25 Kim and Donald reconnected last year and as a perfect fairy tale would unfold, they were both single now and ready to be with each other.  And to make this story even sweeter, Donald is in the Army and a member of Airborne the Brigade Combat Team.  In May of this year, while away in Italy, Kim went to visit him in the world’s most romantic country.. where he asked him to marry her. Of course she said yes and this past week he came home for a 2 week stay and I had the opportunity to capture their engagement photos.  I over heard Kim saying, “wow babe, we’re kissing alot during this session.” Donald’s response was, “I’ve been waiting all my life to do this with you.” Tears!!!! I’m so honored to be a part of their love story and can’t wait to capture their wedding day in July 2012.  xoxo Janine


2 thoughts on “{engagement: Kim & Don} New Jersey Wedding Photographer

  1. Enjoyed looking at the albimn..they caught some really beautiful moments of you two.. Playful, serious, all so great!!
    Wishing you two the very best in years to come! Allene – OA member

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