{Wedding: Candice + Dave} C+D Get married! New Jersey Wedding Photographer

Their special day finally arrived! After meeting this bride and groom a year ago, I’m happy to say I was lucky enough to capture their wedding at the Silver Creek County Club in Hellertown, Pa.  When I met Candice and Dave, we talked about their wedding day and their plans and they both described a day  full of fun, friends and family.. Lots of smiles, laughs, good music and food.  Which was truly what they got.. total blast to shoot!  There was tons of emotion throughout the day too, which was totally expected as you really could not look at this bride and groom without seeing their faces beaming with smiles. While they were having their first dance, I even teared up and remarked to one of the guests that it’s not often you see the entire dance floor on their feet smiling and crying for the B+G. You can tell they are truly loved and blessed with a lot of incredible people.  As they should be; they are truly two of the nicest clients I’ve ever worked with and can’t wait to work with them again!  Love and hugs and many congratulations to Candice and Dave!


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