{engagement: Gayle + Brian

I had the pleasure of capturing Brian and Gayle’s engagement portraits.  We met at a beautiful arboretum and captured these shots as the cicadas just began to make their way into the world.  They were buzzing everywhere and Gayle and Brian were such great sports about it!  I had a great time shooting their portraits.  We laughed and joked as we shot, which made it such a great time! Can’t wait to capture their wedding in April of 2014 at the Madison Hotel in Morris Plains NJ. _JCP1339 _JCP1442

_JCP1379 _JCP1660 _JCP1708

_JCP1757 _JCP1727 _JCP1741 _JCP1558 _JCP1568 _JCP1983 _JCP1990 _JCP1974_JCP1957 _JCP1926 _JCP1633 _JCP1623 _JCP1610 _JCP2040 _JCP2011

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