{engagement: Kelly + Pete} New Jersey Wedding Engagement Photographer

It’s kind of hard for me to believe Kelly is getting married.  After all, I’ve known her since was 5 years old.  Her sister is my best friend and her family is like my 2nd family.  I remember when she was the flower girl in my sister’s wedding decades ago, when all she wanted to do was follow around her big sis and I, and when her sister and I finally realized she’s not little Kelly anymore.

So when she asked me to capture her engagement portraits, I screamed. 🙂 Kelly truly has met her perfect match.  She’s been with Pete for almost 9 years now and he truly loves her with all that he is.   He makes her smile and she makes him laugh.  You can see just from being around them how right they are for each other.  It warms my heart that she has met someone so great to spend the rest of her life with.  Love you both…always! Janine

Formals copy


_JCP0627 _JCP0630_JCP0653_JCP0659 _JCP0670 _JCP0671_JCP0715 _JCP0728 _JCP0752_JCP0762 _JCP0777_JCP0774_JCP0790_JCP0796

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