{Wedding: Germary + Angel} The Fiesta Wood Ridge NJ – New Jersey Wedding Photograpger



I love these two. Germary contacted me about a year and a half ago about capturing her wedding to Angel.  We never met in person, but we had many long conversations about this couples big day.  Both Germary and Angel are from NYC, but recently moved to California where Angel is stationed in the Air Force.  (Note his awesome dress blues!) Hence, they planned their entire wedding from the West coast. Their planning really paid off, it was an AMAZING day!  I had one of the best times I’ve ever had shooting Germary and Angel’s wedding.  The couple, their family and their friends were some if the kindest people I’ve ever met. And just being in their presence, you can see why so many people came to their wedding to support them.  Just wonderful. And the amount of fun I had shooting this wedding was out of control.  I have way too many images I would like to share, but it’s a teaser.. otherwise I’d add their entire gallery. 🙂 Congrats again Germary and Angel! ❤ Janine

Makeup: Olga’s Brides

Ceremony: Incarnation Church, NYC

Formals: Lambert Castle, Patterson NJ

Reception: Fiesta Banquets – Wood Ridge NJ

Entertainment: Absolute Celebrations 

Special Thanks to Martin Reardon for assisting me!

\_JCP1192 copy


_JCP1254 copy

_JCP1301 copy
_JCP1354-2 copy
_JCP1344 copy

DSC_6541 copy

DSC_6431 copy_JCP1391 copy_JCP1381 copy

_JCP1494 copy

_JCP1516 copy_JCP1536-2 copy _JCP1541 copy _JCP1601 copy

DSC_8474 copy_JCP1638 copy
DSC_6789 copy _JCP1672 copy

DSC_6694 copyDSC_6751 copyDSC_6795 copy

_JCP1724 copy_JCP1774 copy_JCP1798 copy

_JCP1526 copy_JCP1928 copy _JCP1951 copy _JCP1967 copy _JCP2015 copy _JCP2119-2 copy _JCP2131 copy _JCP2142 copy
DSC_8744 copy

_JCP2178 copy

DSC_6868 copy
_JCP2219 copy


_JCP2325 copy

Germary had two dresses 🙂 She changed into this beauty after the toasts.

_JCP2503 copy

_JCP2535 copy_JCP2546 copy_JCP2570 copy _JCP2714 copy _JCP2724 copy _JCP2730 copy _JCP2731 copy _JCP2742 copy_JCP2871-2 copy_JCP2887 copy_JCP2920 copy_JCP2953 copy_JCP2958 copy_JCP2982 copy
_JCP3116 copy

_JCP3169 copy_JCP3210 copy_JCP3060 copy_JCP3304-Recovered copy_JCP3314-Recovered copy_JCP3332 copy_JCP3283-Recovered copy _JCP3474 copy_JCP3486 copy_JCP3491 copy
_JCP3527-Edit copy_JCP3544 copy_JCP3552 copy

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