{ Wedding: Keven and Mary – David’s Country Inn Hackettstown NJ New Jersey Wedding Photographer

It would be an absolute understatement to say that I just enjoyed working with Mary and Keven, because it was an absolutely amazing experience capturing their wedding day.  See, when two people are destined for one another, the day just feels right.. on all levels.  I’m happy to say, the weddings I capture are often like this.  You can feel the joy and happiness in the air and the emotions are palpable.  Their day, was this day. This couple is surrounded by the most incredible family and friends.  I walked into Mary’s parent’s home to begin the getting ready images, I was greeted with hugs, big smiles, lots of jokes and tons of happiness.  Mary was so incredibly calm getting ready and as it looked like it was about to storm outside, she mentioned, “it’s fine, I love the rain.”  In fact, she emailed me a couple days prior to the wedding and said she would love a rainy day and capturing some romantic shots under the umbrella. From that moment forward I knew it was going to be incredible to capture their day.  Mission accepted. Annnnd see below. 🙂  Congratulations again Mary and Keven.. truly my honor to be a part of your incredible day! Special thanks to Nick of Nick and Kelly Photography for shooting this awesome wedding with me! JCP_3227-Edit copy JCP_3125 copy JCP_3180 copy Untitled-1 copy _NNK1167 copyJCP_3331 copy JCP_3370 copy JCP_3347 copy JCP_3620 copy JCP_3618 copy JCP_3648 copy JCP_3716 copy_NNK1286 copy_NNK1281 copy_NNK1225 copy_NNK1299 copy_NNK1331 copy_NNK1359 copyJCP_3395 copy included in her letter was the receipt from their 1st date that he saved! JCP_3408 copy JCP_3730 copy JCP_3733 copy JCP_3504 copyJCP_3577-Edit copy JCP_3900 copy JCP_3910 copy JCP_3913 copy JCP_3914 copy JCP_3961 copy JCP_3962 copy QOL_5968 copyJCP_4025 copy JCP_4019 copy JCP_3995 copy JCP_4045 copy JCP_4040 copy _NNK1687 copy JCP_4360-Edit copyJCP_4220 copy JCP_4609 copy JCP_4539 copy JCP_4632-2 copy JCP_4652 copyJCP_4418 copy JCP_4368 copy JCP_4684 copy JCP_4278 copyJCP_8825 copy _NNK1487 copy _NNK2059 copyJCP_8813 copy JCP_4948 copy JCP_4965 copy JCP_4970 copy JCP_5054 copyJCP_4980 copy JCP_5022 copy JCP_5028 copy JCP_5118 copy JCP_5104 copy JCP_5126 copy JCP_5209 copy JCP_5186 copy JCP_5200 copyJCP_5218 copy JCP_5236 copy JCP_5325-Edit copyJCP_5317 copyJCP_5344 copyJCP_5362-Recovered copy_NNK2255 copy _NNK2233 copy JCP_9115 copy JCP_9028 copy JCP_8948 copy JCP_9146 copy JCP_9305 copy JCP_8915 copy _NNK2230 copy _NNK2118 copy _NNK2417 copy _NNK2297 copy _NNK2039 copy _NNK2051 copy _NNK2027 copy _NNK1983 copy _NNK1896 copy _NNK1817 copy _NNK1815 copy _NNK1800 copy JCP_9523 copy

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