{Wedding: Abby + Matt} Fiddlers Elbow Country Club Wedding – New Jersey Wedding Photographer

If I could describe Matt and Abby’s wedding in one word, it would be ‘timeless.’  Abby and Matt truly made sure every beautiful detail of their day was planned perfectly.  From the exquisite flowers, to Abby’s lace dress, to the subtle yet fantastic ‘Hare’ references in Matt’s cuff links and cake topper; no detail was left unfinished.  Their wedding was a beautiful gathering of family and friends from many places and some matt’s family traveled from England to be a part of their day.  Their wedding was also on one of the hottest days of the year, so we stayed outside for their formals for only about 20 minutes or so, but in end, their love shined through the soaring temperatures and we are left with imagery of tender expressions towards one another. 🙂  Thanks Abby and Matt for letting me capture your beautiful day!

Ceremony: Saint James Chapel-Basking Ridge

Reception: Fiddler’s Elbow Country Club

Wedding Planner: EVJ Wedding Co.

Special Thanks to Steve of Liquid Fusion Photography for 2nd shooting with me!

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The bride and groom thanking their guests for attending..and a special mention to Matt’s godmother, who traveled from England to be a part of the day!JCP_6856 copy JCP_6858 copy JCP_6862 copy JCP_6970 copy JCP_6979 copy JCP_6986 copy JCP_6996 copy JCP_7052 copy JCP_7086 copy JCP_7115 copy

{Wedding: Christie + Josh: Shawnee Inn Wedding, New Jersey Wedding Photographer

If i could sum up Christie and Josh’s wedding in one word, it would be FUN.  I have never in life seen a party like this! When I met with Christie during her consult, she expressed to me that more than anything they wanted their wedding to be fun. Goal met! The entire wedding occurred at the Shawnee Inn, which allowed her guests and bridal party to arrive early and enjoy the beautiful property and location.  One of my favorite moments was when Cambie, Christie’s MOH, smuggled her pup into the hotel for some pictures.  Attie, totally stole the show, which is totally fine, because Christie and Josh ADORE her.  Every element of their day was beautiful, from the details to the ceremony.  The party at the reception was incredible and done by the one and only, Rockin’ Ramaley. There was not a single slow song as requested by the bride and groom, other than the first dances, so we had an amazing time capturing all of the fun moments!  Thanks Christie and Josh for allowing me to be a part of your day!

Thanks as always, to Nick of Nick and Kelly Photography for second shooting this day with me.

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Cambie, Christie’s Maid of Honor, smuggled Attie into the hotel!JCP_7921 copy JCP_7945 copy  JCP_8157 copy

JCP_7831 copy

JCP_8446 copy

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JCP_0342 copy JCP_0303 copy JCP_0434 copyJCP_0410 copy JCP_0369 copy JCP_0446 copy

JCP_0219 copy

Man tears, I love them!JCP_0236 copy JCP_0213 copy

Josh and his groomsmen surprised Christie with the Stanky Leg!!!! AND they killed it!!

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JCP_0825 copy _NNK4532 copy