{Wedding: Kayla +Justin Neshanic Valley Golf Course – New Jersey Wedding Photographer

I have so many things I can say about this beautiful couple.  Kayla, your grace and beauty simply lights a room; your smile is infectious and your laugh so very joyful.  It’s so very obvious to me why Justin fell in love with you so many years ago in High school.  Justin, it’s clear that Kayla is your soul mate; the way you look at her with your adoring eyes is something that was an incredible joy to capture.  When you embrace her, you can tell truly, it was always meant to be that you would become one someday.  I had the most incredible time capturing your beautiful day.  The day was perfect with beautiful weather and your friends and family were wonderful to work with. I wish you so much love and happiness now and always!

JCP_7641 copy

JCP_7724 copy

Best friends from forever ago, truly sisters!JCP_7606 copy

JCP_7621 copy JCP_7625 copy

Dad seeing his little girl for the first time, brought everyone to tears!

JCP_7776 copy JCP_7766 copy JCP_7700 copy JCP_7699 copy

JCP_7837 copy

Kayla’s loving grandmother passed recently and her corsage was labeled grandmother.  She decided she would give it to her aunt, her grandmother’s daughter who she loves dearly. It was such an emotional moment.

JCP_8052 copy JCP_8056 copy

JCP_8216 copy JCP_8256 copy JCP_8331 copy JCP_8378 copy 3 JCP_8470 copy  JCP_8378 copy

Right as they were remembering those that could not be with them on this beautiful day, the light in the church changed and this beautiful stream of light appeared on the cross in the aisle. It was like those that are now in heaven were letting their presence be known.

JCP_8489 copy

JCP_8425 copy_KDC1061 copy\

JCP_7537 copy

JCP_9061 copy

_KDC1435 copy

JCP_8628 copy JCP_8671 copy   JCP_8753-Edit copy JCP_8764 copy JCP_8790 copy JCP_8814 copy   JCP_8888-Edit-Edit copy JCP_8898-Edit copy JCP_8917-Edit copy JCP_8973-Edit-Edit copy JCP_8982 copy 3

JCP_1533 copyJCP_1643 copy JCP_1629 copy   _KDC1300 copy

_KDC1250 copy

JCP_9350 copy JCP_9341 copy JCP_9357 copy JCP_9374 copy  JCP_9469 copy JCP_9499 copy JCP_9525 copy JCP_9569 copy JCP_9577 copy JCP_9586 copy JCP_9611 copy

JCP_9627 copy JCP_9881 copy JCP_9943 copy JCP_9945 copy JCP_0497 copy _KDC1843 copy _KDC1826 copy _KDC1801 copy _KDC2047 copy _KDC1943 copy _KDC2053 copy _KDC2057 copy JCP_0440 copy JCP_0353 copy JCP_0320 copy JCP_0295 copy JCP_0596 copy _KDC2238 copy

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