{Wedding: Sarah + Rob} Knoll Country Club – New Jersey Wedding Photographer

It was both an honor and a privilege to capture Robert and Sarah’s wedding. I met Sarah many many years ago when I worked in the Pharmaceutical industry; we sat just a department apart and when I tell you her personality is as incredible as her beauty it’s the absolute truth.  When she asked me over a year ago to capture her wedding to Robert, I was absolutely overjoyed.   From spending some time with them both, you can tell their opposite personalities are part of their strength as a couple.  She is vivacious and independent (and insanely stunning) and he is quiet and strong. And while shooting them during their engagement session and wedding, it never took more than a small smile at one another to get these completely honest expressions of love from one another. It’s amazing they found one another in this big world. Sometimes, when you see two people together, it may look right, but it doesn’t always feel right and Sarah and Robert, you are the perfect compliment to one another 🙂  Congratulations and many years of happiness and love!!

Special thanks to both Nick and Kelly from Nick + Kelly Photography for 2nd shooting with me.

Sarah borrowed the veil from one of her bridesmaids and it was STUNNING.  We used the illuminated glass wall with skylights in the ceiling to capture this shot. When I checked into the hotel and saw this spot, I almost passed out. 🙂 JCP_0217 copyJCP_0211 copy

Sarah had all of her paper goods custom made, link to follow!

JCP_0118 copy  JCP_0127 copy JCP_0228 copy

She incorporated some of Rob’s favorite things into her bouquet. JCP_0242 copy

JCP_0533 copyJCP_0112 copy

JCP_0460 copy  JCP_0380 copy

_NNK2787 copy

Rob is really into comics and these cuff links were the perfect touch to his tux!

_NNK2851 copy

I laughed so hard I cried.  Sarah has the most incredible friends!!

JCP_0291 copy JCP_0303 copy JCP_0297 copy

JCP_0544 copy JCP_0582 copy JCP_0447 copy JCP_0612 copy JCP_0429 copy

JCP_0716 copy JCP_0724 copy

JCP_0655 copy JCP_0835 copy

JCP_0154 copy

Part two of their cerebration happened in the Dominican Republic!

JCP_0144 copy JCP_0147 copy

First Look time..:)

_NNK9495 copy

JCP_0924 copy

JCP_0974 copy JCP_1020 copy JCP_1037 copy JCP_1040 copy JCP_1065 copy  JCP_1114-Edit copy JCP_1131 copy JCP_1157 copy

_NNK9570 copyJCP_1247 copy JCP_1273 copy

JCP_1105 copy

Sarah you are totally my muse!! JCP_1304 copy JCP_1305 copy

I died.

JCP_1348 copy

JCP_1378 copy

JCP_1648 copy _NNK3214 copy

JCP_1777 copy JCP_1707 copy JCP_1703 copy JCP_1814 copy

_NNK9744 copy

_NNK3191-2 copy

_NNK3201-2 copy_NNK3199-2 copy_NNK9783 copy_NNK9795 copyJCP_1868 copyJCP_1870 copyJCP_1879 copy

JCP_3776 copyQOL_0317 copy

Rings in a comic book box = perfect.

QOL_0361 copyJCP_1896 copyJCP_1911 copy

JCP_1921 copy

_NNK9845 copy

_NNK3420 copy JCP_3832 copy JCP_3824 copy JCP_2026 copy

JCP_3839 copy JCP_3848 copy JCP_3852 copy

Rings on a Wolverine mask, so fitting!

JCP_2417 copy

_NNK9904 copy

JCP_2143 copy JCP_2176 copy JCP_2177 copy JCP_2185 copy JCP_2186 copy JCP_2195 copy JCP_2202 copy JCP_2224 copy JCP_2234 copy JCP_2254 copy JCP_2270 copy JCP_2274 copy JCP_2301 copy JCP_2307 copy JCP_2327 copy JCP_2329 copy JCP_2334 copy JCP_2344 copy JCP_2356 copy JCP_2359 copy JCP_2363 copy JCP_2369 copy JCP_2378 copy

JCP_4263 copy JCP_3931 copy JCP_3946 copy 3 _NNK3793 copy _NNK0073 copy _NNK0093 copy

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