{Wedding: Heather + Joe} Old Mill Inn, Basking Ridge, New Jersey Wedding Photographer

JCP_8264 copy JCP_8189 copy JCP_8185 copy JCP_8171 copy JCP_8169 copy

During the bridesmaid toast, Heather began to get emotional, so of course her lovely sister is blowing on her makeup so it doesn’t run!!

JCP_8382 copy JCP_8380 copy JCP_8430 copy JCP_8431 copy JCP_8520 copy JCP_8571-Edit copy JCP_8547-Edit copy

Just looking at the card handed to her from Joe, brought Heather to tears!JCP_8700 copy JCP_8701 copy JCP_8731 copy JCP_8746 copy JCP_8874 copy JCP_8884 copy JCP_8890 copy JCP_8899 copy

There are no words for their First Look.  The tears were immense and absolutely beautiful!JCP_8909 copy JCP_8910 copy JCP_8911 copy JCP_8946 copy JCP_8968 copy JCP_9117 copy JCP_9123 copy JCP_9351 copy JCP_9400 copy JCP_9406 copy JCP_9492 copy JCP_9501 copy

_NNK9384 copyJCP_9550 copy JCP_9555 copy QOL_5740 copy

JCP_0003 copy JCP_0011 copy JCP_0071 copy JCP_0105 copy JCP_0214 copy JCP_0135 copy QOL_6135 copy

JCP_0187 copy _NNK9621 copy

JCP_0304 copyJCP_0301 copyJCP_0417 copy JCP_0416 copy

JCP_0466 copy JCP_0479 copy JCP_0488 copy JCP_0502 copy JCP_0549 copy JCP_0554 copy JCP_0630 copy JCP_0604 copy JCP_0641 copy JCP_0697 copy JCP_0701 copy JCP_0732 copy

Hand down, the most incredible Best Man speech ever! ELI MANNING, sent a personal video message to Heather and Joe!  Their reaction is priceless!!!!JCP_0768 copy JCP_0770 copy JCP_0773 copy JCP_0777 copy JCP_0935 copy JCP_0937 copy JCP_0998 copy JCP_1006 copy JCP_1081 copy JCP_1165 copy JCP_1355 copy JCP_5326 copy _NNK9679 copy _NNK9858 copy _NNK9936 copy

JCP_1244 copy JCP_1255 copy

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