{Megan + Mike} David’s Country Inn – Hackettstown New Jersey

Was so very honored to shoot this wedding.  I happen to know the beautiful bride since grammar school and was honored she selected me to cover her incredible wedding to Mike.  Not only because we go way back, but also because her brother shot my wedding many moons ago.  I just felt so right being a part of this amazing day. So many fun moments, coupled with tons of laughter.  Megan is the funny one in the family. You can just tell;  when she is in the room, there is never a dull moment.  Watching her with Mike, it’s like they compliment each other perfectly. I experienced so many private jokes between them and when we were shooting their bridal portraits, it was like we weren’t even there..effortlessly, he made her laugh and vice versa. It was quite the cold day too.. but you can’t tell because the joy on their faces truly warms the images. Thank you Megan and Mike for allowing me to share in your beautiful day.

Special Thanks to Lisa of Lisa Nicolosi Photography for shooting this day with me!JCP_9401 copy

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