Wedding: Cortney + Jason – Basking Ridge Country Club New Jersey

Have you ever met a couple that when they walk in the room, all heads turn to look that them?  If you have, it was probably Cortney and Jason.  They both have personalities that will light up a room within minutes.  Jason’s smile is like none other,  constantly grinning from ear to ear and Cortney’s electric eyes could like take your breath away. Their entire day was filled with incredible emotion.  Jason was over taken with emotion when he knew Cortney was coming down the aisle. See awesome tears below. It’s probably my favorite processional ever. After the ceremony, we took some portraits during golden hour on the grounds of the country club. And the night ended with some pretty sick dancing in the ballroom at the Basking Ridge Country Club.  Thank you again J+C for allowing me to document your amazing day!

Ceremony + Reception: Basking Ridge Country Club

Hair/Makeup: Stephanie (hair) and Adriana (makeup)  of Pin It Up & Pout
Cake: Gourmet Touch Bakery
Dress: A customized Jovani by Aziza Couture
Flowers: Vanessa at Metropolitan Plant & Floral Exchange
DJ: Christian from SCE Group

Special thanks to Hasan Aj of Vibrant Captures for shooting this wedding with me!

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