Lisa + John Michael: St. Paul’s Roman Catholic Church, Princeton University Wedding – Central New Jersey Wedding Photographer

Lisa and John had such a beautiful day for their wedding! It felt like a early Fall day, beautiful sun and a light breeze.  We started out at Lisa’s friends house in East Brunswick. There home was located on a gorgeous piece of property with a small vineyard in the back and surrounded by apple trees.  All of the foliage outside allowed for beautiful pockets of light to pool in through the windows. The day was pure magic from the emotional moments at the church to the incredible light we found during the portraits and the incredible party that followed into the night.  Thank you Lisa and John for allowing me to capture your day!!!

Ceremony: St. Pauls Church of Princeton

Portraits Princeton University

Reception: Jacques Catering


Lisa did all of the flowers herself and the ringbearer pillows is a family heirloom!JCP_4480 copy.jpgjcp_4552-copy

Lisa’s niece snuck into her mom’s purses and decided she would do her makeup too!!jcp_4788-copyJCP_4267 copy.jpgjcp_4296-copyjcp_4288-copy

And no look would be complete without some red pumps!jcp_4623-copyjcp_4709-copyjcp_4791-copy-3jcp_4822-copyjcp_4836-copyjcp_4928-edit-copyjcp_4897-copy_kdc3347-copyAnother awesome details bullet casings for the groomsmen!_kdc3442-copyJCP_4999 copy.jpg

She decided to have a special dance on Nonna’s feet!jcp_4574-edit-copyjcp_4947-edit-copy

A quick garter belt fix!jcp_4880-edit-copy

_kdc3544-edit-copyJCP_5116-Edit-Edit copy.jpgjcp_5145-edit-edit-copyjcp_5240-copyjcp_5261-edit-edit-copyjcp_5248-copyjcp_5309-copy_kdc3687-copyjcp_5296-copySt. Paul’s Church in Princeton has the most beautiful blue stained glass windows and when the light pools in, it creates a beautiful blue cast on the crowd._kdc3832-copy_kdc3835-copyjcp_5447-copyjcp_5476-copydavids-3davids-5

Emotional moments with Lisa and her Grandparents right after the ceremony.

Next up, wedding party and bridal portraits at the beautiful Princeton University..


jcp_5935-edit-copyjcp_5915-edit-copyjcp_5988-edit-copyjcp_6076-copyJCP_6127-Edit copy.jpg

jcp_6400-copyjcp_6424-copyjcp_6433-copyjcp_6436-copyjcp_6970-copylisa final.jpgjcp_7015-copyjcp_7041-copy

jcp_6865-copyjcp_6830-copyjcp_6854-edit-copyjcp_6669-copyjcp_6692-copyjcp_6709-copyjcp_6750-copyjcp_6752-copyjcp_6774-copyjcp_6803-copy_kdc4412-copy_kdc4486-copy_kdc4528-copyjcp_7130-copyjcp_7131-copy-3Best cake smash. Ever….and shoe toss!jcp_7146-copy-3jcp_7088-copy


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