Wedding: Antony + Jessica Holly Hedge Estate Wedding, New Hope Pa, HollyHedge Photographer

Antony and Jessica’s wedding was one that I had been looking forward to since the beginning of the year.  I was really excited to be a part of their day, since I’ve known Antony from my days in Pharma. And when he contacted me to ask me to be a part of their day, I was overwhelmed with joy.  I spoke to Ant through the whole planning process and when I finally had the opportunity to meet Jess it was on the wedding day. I was greeted by the biggest hug ..and by the end of the day it felt like I had known her for years.  Having only spent the day with her, I could already see why Ant loves her the way  he does.  Her smile is infectious, she is outgoing and tons of fun!  Looking back on the day, I loved its intimate feel.  The people they choose to invite to their wedding were the special people who make the difference in their lives.  And they made sure to make all of their guests feel welcome and loved.  JCP_7836 copyJCP_8426 copyJCP_5724 copyJCP_5803 copyJCP_5834 copyJCP_5778 copy

JCP_5987 copyJCP_5965 copyJCP_5944 copyJCP_6041-Edit copyIt’s a British tradition to include a coin in your shoe on your wedding day!JCP_5925 copyJCP_6174 copyJCP_6133 copyJCP_6136 copyJCP_6785 copyJCP_6200 copyJCP_6227-2 copyJCP_6260 copyJCP_6229-2 copyJCP_6394 copy.jpgJCP_6334-2 copyJCP_6473 copy.jpgJCP_6289 copyJCP_6600 copyJCP_6613-2 copy5U2A5714 copyJCP_6700 copy

VCS_6137 copyJCP_7057 copy5U2A5799 copyJCP_7070 copyJCP_7078 copyJCP_7221 copyJCP_7215 copyJCP_7266 copyJCP_7273 copyJCP_7279 copyJCP_7290 copyJCP_7339 copyJCP_7347 copyJCP_7351 copyJCP_7355 copyJCP_7362 copyJCP_7412 copyJCP_7404 copyJCP_7465 copyJCP_7474 copyJCP_7491 copy5U2A6002 copy5U2A6036 copyVCS_6218 copyJCP_7613 copyJCP_7622 copyJCP_7721 copyJCP_7829-Edit copy.jpgJCP_8007 copyJCP_8082 copyJCP_8097 copyJCP_8128 copyJCP_8126 copy 3JCP_8225 copyJCP_8252 copy

JCP_8261 copyJCP_8269 copy

JCP_8314 copyJCP_8330 copyJCP_8363 copyJCP_8491 copyJCP_8498 copyJCP_8535 copyJCP_8643 copyJCP_8656-2 copyJCP_8700 copy



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