Wedding – Amy + Matt: Tinicum Park Wedding, Bucks County, PA

A gorgeous venue, a couple madly in love and  lots of adorable kids.. sounds like the perfect wedding right? Well, it was!

Amy and Matt’s wedding was planned over the course of several months from Hawaii.  With the help of their friends and family, they pulled off the most wonderful DIY wedding at: Tinicum Park in Bucks County, PA .  Having known this family for quite some time, this wedding was particularly special to me. I felt like I was shooting an event filled with old friends.   Friends and family flew in from around the country to take part in their wedding.  Particularly, many of the bridal party serve our country! If I could describe the day in one world, it would be “Joy.”  This is one of my longest blog posts because of that.  The vibe in the air was filled with nothing but love and happiness.

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