Natirar Wedding: Gina + August, Natirar Mansion, Gladstone, NJ

When Gina and August hired me to shoot their wedding at the Natirar Mansion in Peapack Gladstone, I knew their day would truly be special. She told me about the times she would visit the property when she was a little girl and how much it meant to her.   As I learned more about this couple, I could see their vision come to life; classic whites and greens mixed in with accents of gold chairs and romantic decor.  Not to mention, when I saw Gina’s dress, my heart skipped a beat.  Through out entire planning process, I knew this day would be one to remember.

The entire day was magical and the ceremony was set a top the mountains of Peapack/Gladstone on the most bright blue day surrounded by family and friend… and Romeo, their Bernese Mountain dog! He may have stolen the show once or twice. 🙂

After the ceremony and cocktail hour the guests were lead to the beautiful reception space at Natirar and the newly married couple danced to First Eyes by Andy Grammar for their first dance. The entire room lit up with smilies, it was a perfect untraditional song for this chic fantastic couple. And like the song says:

“If I could bottle this up, bottle, bottle this up, I would
‘Cause you’re gorgeous in this moment
If I could bottle this up, I would…”

I would 100% want to bottle up this day and to capture this day all over again! Congratulations Gina and August, your incredible day will live in my mind for many years to come.

Special thanks to Gerardo and Meredith Ann for shooting this day with me!

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Dad seeing his daughter for the first time.. JCP_6336 copyJCP_6674 copyJCP_7866-Edit copy

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