Caroline + Billy: The Basking Ridge County Club Tented Wedding in Basking Ridge, NJ

I was so happy to finally capture Caroline and Billy’s wedding this summer.  They booked me without and in person meeting and by the time we finally sat down together to go over their day, it felt like we were old friends.  Both the bride and groom currently work and live in DC, but they met in NJ where most of their family and friends are from. So it made sense to have their wedding at the beautiful Basking Ridge Country Club in Basking Ridge NJ.

Their day happened to be one of the hottest of the year; in the upper 90s with lots of humidity.  You really can’t tell from the images are they didn’t let the heat get to them at all.  Also, I have to mention, Caroline’s dress was made of the most beautiful material.  It NEVER wrinkled the entire night.. and it had pockets.  How can you go wrong with that? She truly looked STUNNING.   I loved the simple elegance of her makeup and pinned back hair.  And judging by Billy’s expression when he saw her come down the aisle, he agreed too. 🙂

I have to mention that I laughed profusely at their toasts.  SO. CREATIVE.  I’ll never forget when the Maid of Honor started to recite text from Caroline’s 7th or 8th grade yearbook.  You can see the shock on Caroline’s face.  The room filled with laughter.  And I must mention that the reception was filled with the sounds of an amazing Jersey shore band who belted out the classics that everyone loves.  The dance floor was packed and the crowd truly let loose!

Thank you Caroline, Billy.. and Wendy too! (Caroline’s awesome mom) for allowing me to capture this special day.  I’ll take the memories of your day and hold them in my mind for a day when winter comes and I need to think of an amazing couple and some bright blue skies. xo Janine

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