Corinne + Kevin: Summer Wedding at the Mansion at Natirar

I would say that if we lived in a universe where two souls connect to each other over every lifetime experienced, that it would be certain that each time Corinne and Kevin would find each other, each time.. somehow, some way.  In all of my years in this business, I have never met a more affectionate groom than Kevin.  It’s so obvious when he reads Corrine’s card or when he prepares for their first look, how deeply in love he is with his beautiful bride.  You can that together this couple makes each other whole.

It’s funny, when I’m shooting a wedding, I’m always looking and searching for ‘moments’ for ‘feels’.. Corinne and Kevin’s wedding was one where I didn’t have to search at all because of the connection this couple has to each other and to their family and friends.  Thank you Kevin and Corinne, for allowing me in to your world to tell your story.

Hair/Makeup:  Gabrielle D’Amato  & Marissa-hair

DJ/Band: Classie Events                                                                              

Ceremony + Reception: The Mansion at Natirar

Officiant: Rabbi Randi Musnitskey- Temple Har Shalom Warren, NJ                             

Florist: Jardinière Fine Flowers, Far Hills NJ                                                              

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