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Janine Collette Photography is located in Washington Township, New Jersey.   We specialize in natural light and studio portraiture for all life events from engagements to weddings and everything else that’s fabulous in between! We gladly travel to our clients in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  Portraits can be done at our studio or at a local of your choice. Janine is a member of the Professional Photographer’s Association (PPA).

{me} I do what I do because my single most joy is seeing the look on someone’s face after I’ve captured their child’s joyful smile.. a couple’s bliss…the happiness of a budding family.  Hence, every time I’ve had the honor to capture these moments, I run home to process the images immediately and slave over every detail. Why?  Because my joy is translating your happiness into a piece of art captured for all time.

{You} Caputuring your precious moments for a lifetime
I treat my clients like a member of my family and thus I’ve had the honor of capturing many engagements, weddings and the beautiful babies that follow thereafter.  For me, it’s all about capturing your precious experiences and following you on your beautiful path of life.  Your experience is customized to you. Not to mention, we’ll have tons of fun and laughs while doing so!  Each session is unique and I strive to make your experience a pleasure from beginning to end.

{Planning for your session} We’ll chat as many times as needed before your session.  And together, we’ll develop a certain ‘look’ for your session. In this phase I want to learn about you and your fiance or your children and/or your family. We’ll discuss specific clothing, hairstyle, jewelry and other details to ensure your shoot is fabulous! We will also decide which location and time is best to set the mood of your session. Options include: Janine Collette Studio, a fun downtown area, a stunning garden, or perhaps you have a setting in mind that holds a sentimental meaning for you and your family.  {Your photo shoot}This is where the preparation comes into effect and your unique characteristics will shine. I want to capture you and your natural spirit. I have experience in photographing all personalities and will offer any inspirations and ideas if needed. My promise is to make your session FUN and provide a great experience!

{Attention to detail}After our session, it’s my turn to make sure your beauty shines through the images captured. This phase is where your photos get that personal touch and attention to detail and thus, I dive into each photo with a fine tooth comb. This is to ensure that your final portraits “pop” and give off the precise image that is intended to be printed.

If you are interested in booking me to capture your special moments, please email me at janine@janinecollettephotography.com.
Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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