Gianna + Chris: The Pleasantdale Chateau Romantic Wedding, West Orange NJ Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart Ceremony, Newark New Jersey

Gianna and Chris have one of the those love stories where you say to yourself, “That must be fate.”  Years ago Gianna was working at Davy’s Dogs, Chris walks in, places his order and then gives Gianna his business card and tells him to contact her if in the future for other employment.  Gianna does reach out to Chris and she sends him a letter with her qualifications and interest for working at David’s Country Inn.  You see, Chris is one of the owners of David’s in Hackettstown NJ and when he met Gianna he knew she would be a great addition to their staff.  Over the time of them working together, they fell in love and it’s simply not coincidence that Gianna’s first day on the schedule at David’s was January 17, 2015.. and their wedding date was January 17, 2020.

Their ceremony was at the epic and breathing taking Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Newark NJ and their 300+ reception of their closest friends and family was at the one and only Pleasantdale Chateau in West Orange, NJ. And their flowers?  Breathtaking from Fleurs Divine. It’s an understatement to say wedding date was an actual real like fairytale. PURE. MAGIC. So much emotion and happy tears literally all day that I left that night feels like I captured something truly remarkable. Gianna and Chris I wish you all the happiness in the world today and always.

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Emily + Justin: LBI Engagement Session at Barnegat Lighthouse

There are two places on the face of this earth that I absolutely adore more than anywhere else, Cape May and Long Beach Island (LBI).  Shooting engagement sessions and weddings in Cape May and LBI are an absolute dream to me. The beautiful colors of the grass and sand, coupled with the interesting textures, is pure heaven for a photographer.. or for me at least!  So when Emily and Justin said they wanted their engagement shoot at Barnegat Lighthouse on LBI, I was thrilled!  Emily has a history of visiting the island, as do I and thus it was kismet.

We had a plan going into the day and as we approached the island, as summer weather would have it, it started to storm; bad. Lightening, downpours, wind, all of it.  But, we waited it out and had faith that the clearing would be AMAZING …and it was it.  I’m so thankful for that storm, because in that “what are we going to do moment”  I had the chance to really bond with my amazing clients.  I’ll be forever thankful for those moments.

The aftermath of the storm gave us the the most amazing beachy blue skies and dramatic clouds.  Emily and Justin were absolute troopers through it all..walking through the wet sand, outfit changes, and the chance of more rain. And then.. the rainbow hit.  We for sure, knew we were in the right place for their session.  After the intense stress of the weather, I’m truly amazed by my clients for truly connecting so deeply with each other during their session. I kept calling them my Prince Harry and Megan Markle!  Emily and Justin, you are amazing and I can’t wait to shoot your June 2020 wedding at Bonnet Island Estate!

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