Fall Mini Session Teaser – Enzo Benefit New Jersey Children Photographer

Here’s a preview from our Enzo Benefit Mini Session.  It was an AMAZING day!!!

And here’s our amazing volunteers for the day!! Also known as my family!

L to R  Evelyn (Enzo’s aunt), Isabella (Enzo’s cousin) and Christina (Enzo’s aunt)

Isabella and I!

Look who showed up the event!!! Vinny Grande and his daughter Larissa, Enzo’s dad and sister! They live in Florida, but were up for a couple days… 🙂

{toddler: Miss A} New jersey child photographer

Little ones are a big part of why I love what I do.  You can’t tell them to pose or to act a certain way, as you would with adults. You simply just have to wait to capture a moment.  I mean that’s what life it’s all about right? Moments.. 🙂  I had the pleasure of working with beautiful 20 month old, Miss A.  She was truly a ball of fun to work with and her expressions say it all! xox Janine



“Could you give me a moment please? I’m on a very important call.” 😉

My favorite photo of her.. so Aubrey Hepburn!!!!

Jcrew baby!

I’m dancing and havin fun!

Miss A wasn’t feeling her shoes.. she left her slippers behind…annnd…

…. she’s off! Love this picture!

And she’s back!!!