{Wedding: Jessica + Joe} Nanina’s in the Park Belleville, NJ Wedding Photographer

It was an absolute pleasure shooting Jessie and Joe’s wedding!  Their day was packed with awesome moments and lots of love and laughter. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of it and share in your story.

Special Thanks to Nick of Nick and Kelly Photography for 2nd shooting this awesome day with me!
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{Engagement: Justin + Kayla – New Jersey Wedding Photographer – Neshanic Valley Golf Course


Had the most amazing time capturing Justin and Kayla’s engagement session. I love how Justin looks at Kayla and how he nestles her close to him, truly so sweet and endearing to capture. We shot on one of the coldest days of the year thus far and you truly can’t tell from the images, because these two were just so happy to be together.  So excited to capture their 2015 wedding at the wonderful  Neshanic Valley Golf Course. 🙂_JCP2057 copy

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