Jen + Mike: Born to Run Farm Wedding, Glen Gardner New Jersey

It’s almost hard for me to put into words how I feel about this couple and shooting their day. I knew from the moment we met, they were my perfect clients.  We chatted for what felt like hours about their day while I learned about Jen and Mike as a couple and how having their wedding at Born to Run Farm in Glen Gardner NJ was a dream come true for them.  Jen grew up with a deep love for horses and they were excited to have their day at such incredible venue.

Weeks before the wedding we met on the property to talk through their vision and I instantly fell in love with the property.   Did I mention it’s 10 minutes from my home and I can see it perched high in the mountains?   Jen and Mike wanted a laid back BBQ feel for their day and they invited those closest to them to celebrate.  Surrounded by their family and friends, (and their two beautiful pups!) they had the most incredible indian summer day.   Congratulations again Jen and Mike.. you guys will remain on my mind for many years to come!!! JCP_0014 copyJCP_2084 copyJCP_0048 copy_KEV7014 copyJCP_0033 copyJCP_0380 copyJCP_0160 copyJCP_0071 copyJCP_0104 copyJCP_0235 copyJCP_0206 copyJCP_0525 copyJCP_0528 copyJCP_0330 copyJCP_0543 copyJCP_0415 copy

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Natirar Wedding: Gina + August, Natirar Mansion, Gladstone, NJ

When Gina and August hired me to shoot their wedding at the Natirar Mansion in Peapack Gladstone, I knew their day would truly be special. She told me about the times she would visit the property when she was a little girl and how much it meant to her.   As I learned more about this couple, I could see their vision come to life; classic whites and greens mixed in with accents of gold chairs and romantic decor.  Not to mention, when I saw Gina’s dress, my heart skipped a beat.  Through out entire planning process, I knew this day would be one to remember.

The entire day was magical and the ceremony was set a top the mountains of Peapack/Gladstone on the most bright blue day surrounded by family and friend… and Romeo, their Bernese Mountain dog! He may have stolen the show once or twice. 🙂

After the ceremony and cocktail hour the guests were lead to the beautiful reception space at Natirar and the newly married couple danced to First Eyes by Andy Grammar for their first dance. The entire room lit up with smilies, it was a perfect untraditional song for this chic fantastic couple. And like the song says:

“If I could bottle this up, bottle, bottle this up, I would
‘Cause you’re gorgeous in this moment
If I could bottle this up, I would…”

I would 100% want to bottle up this day and to capture this day all over again! Congratulations Gina and August, your incredible day will live in my mind for many years to come.

Special thanks to Gerardo and Meredith Ann for shooting this day with me!

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Dad seeing his daughter for the first time.. JCP_6336 copyJCP_6674 copyJCP_7866-Edit copy

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The Loft at Jack’s Barn Oxford NJ Wedding Photographer | Rustic Cowboy Nuptials

Janice and Rich had the most perfect wedding day surrounded by their family and friends at The Loft at Jack’s Barn Wedding in Oxford, NJ. When I originally met with them, they told me they wanted a relaxed wedding with those close to them, with a super fun party…and that’s exactly what they got. The day flowed beautifully, and Janice and Rich got to dance the night away to their favorite country music!

Every wedding I shoot, I tend to take a little piece away from it with me.  The final song of the night is one that has played in my head since their wedding.  It’s by John Pardi and it’s called Head over Boots.  The entire crowd dancing to this song and I watched Janice and Rich sway to the music as they held each other tightly.  I began to feel pretty emotional and this part of the song really stuck out to me:

‘Cause you’re the one I want, you’re the one I need
Baby, if I was a king,  you would be my queen
You’re the rock in my roll
You’re good for my soul, it’s true
I’m head over boots for you’

I think it’s because everything felt so right, watching them with their friends and family. It felt like I was in presence of a deep love that’s been there for a very long time, even though they were just married.  Call it two souls joining, call it real love, call it utter joy, but either way; I’ll always remember this night and this amazing couple.






Wedding – Amy + Matt: Tinicum Park Wedding, Bucks County, PA

A gorgeous venue, a couple madly in love and  lots of adorable kids.. sounds like the perfect wedding right? Well, it was!

Amy and Matt’s wedding was planned over the course of several months from Hawaii.  With the help of their friends and family, they pulled off the most wonderful DIY wedding at: Tinicum Park in Bucks County, PA .  Having known this family for quite some time, this wedding was particularly special to me. I felt like I was shooting an event filled with old friends.   Friends and family flew in from around the country to take part in their wedding.  Particularly, many of the bridal party serve our country! If I could describe the day in one world, it would be “Joy.”  This is one of my longest blog posts because of that.  The vibe in the air was filled with nothing but love and happiness.

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JCP_3892 copy

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Wedding: Kristin + Tom – The Madison Hotel Morristown New Jersey Wedding


Kristin and Tom had the most beautiful wedding day.  Having worked with this awesome couple over the last couple months, I knew they would leave no detail untouched.  Kristin designed every element of their day, including their logo, which was incorporated    into all of the beautiful details.  There was a botanical undertone to all of their details, which made sense for this couple as their first date was at the Frelinghuysen Arboretum,….in addition Tom proposed there too!  The Madison Hotel served as the most perfect location which lush greenery and epic ball room for this special couple!

Special Thanks for Hasan for 2nd shooting this day with me!

JCP_9695 copyJCP_1304 copyJCP_9751 copyJCP_9820 copy5U2A8426 copy5U2A8562 copyJCP_9867 copyJCP_9963 copyJCP_9996 copyJCP_0157 copy5U2A8541 copy

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