Louis + Katie: Wedding at The Raritan Inn At Middle Valley, Califon Wedding, Raritan Inn Wedding Photography

Having met Louis and Katie and knowing the creative people that they are, it’s no surprise that they pulled off this incredible day at the beautiful Raritan Inn At Middle Valley in Califon NJ. It’s hard for me to find the right words for this wedding, as I feel they would not do it justice.  The entire day of Katie and Louis’s wedding, I had an overwhelming sense of joy as the environment was filled with a whimsical and magical energy for this couple.  And never in all of my years shooting have a met a couple so light hearted and free spirited.  Here’s some examples;  when Louis would go in for a kiss, he would kiss Katie with his entire face and hands.  They loved the river by their ceremony space, so of course we went directly into the water for some pictures.  The brass band march that lead the entire wedding party to the reception was the most fun I’ve ever seen a bridal party and group of guests have.  There was not a moment of stress or anxiety, just sheer love and unadulterated fun.  Katie and Louis, I were to go to photographer heaven, I would shoot your day over and over and over and I would never tire from this incredible day. XO janine

Hair/Makeup: Ore’ Makeup Design
Dress: Wtoo by Watters, Alterations By: The Wedding Dresser
DJ: Tom Beal
Cake: Gourmet Touch Bakery
Wedding Planner: An Affair to Remember
Florals: The Botanical Box

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Krista + AJ: Born to Run Farm, Glen Gardner New Jersey Farm Wedding Photographer

I have so many feelings about Krista and AJs wedding.  I fell in love with Born to Run Farm, located in Glen Gardner, NJ in 2017 when I shot my first wedding there.  Living only 7 minutes from this venue, I can see it from my house, nestled high up in the mountains. I had always wondered who owned this beautiful home I admired for so long? When I arrived at the farm, I could barely catch my breath. No picture I could ever take could convey its beauty.  But, a location if only beautiful doesn’t mean very much if it doesn’t have amazing people behind it.  This leads me to the Gerish family.

See Krista and AJ, (the bride and groom) decided on this location as it’s her grandfather’s farm.  I know stop right there right?!?! Many years ago, her grandfather bought this 126 acre property and raised horses and other live stock.  (Some of which are considered the babies of the family now *see cow pics.!)  When they reached out to speak with me about their wedding.. again, I almost lost my breath. Krista and her brother and cousins (who now run the farm) grew up on this property.  You could truly see in all of their faces the joy they felt for Krista meeting her soulmate!  Sigh, how wonderful, a family wedding on the family farm.  It doesn’t get any better.

Mother nature was playing some tricks on us this day, but because my incredible couple were so easy going we shot in the rain, in the cold and then back in the drizzle again. You really can’t tell from the images that it was overcast, as the emotions of the day fill the images with such love. I will be forever thankful Krista and AJ that you chose me for your day.  xo Janine

Hair/makeup: Tara D’Amico

JCP_0424 copy.jpg


JCP_3143 copyJCP_3298 copyJCP_3164 copyJCP_3254 copyIn the corner of this image is Krista’s grandfather’s tractor.  So meaningful to the couple and the day.JCP_3516 copyJCP_3476 copy

JCP_3728 copyJCP_3773 copyJCP_3791 copy_KEV3894 copyJCP_3809 copyJCP_3918 copyJCP_4040 copyJCP_4133-Recovered copyJCP_4170 copyJCP_4305 copy

See the bee hives in the back!? These were used for jars of honey for the favors.  SO perfect!!!

JCP_4448 copyJCP_4388 copyJCP_4384 copy



JCP_4330 copy

JCP_4516 copyJCP_4638 copyJCP_4644 copy





JCP_4792 copy

JCP_4794 copy

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JCP_5782 copyJCP_5761 copyJCP_5636 copy

JCP_5811 copyJCP_5693 copyJCP_5697 copyJCP_5614 copyJCP_4419 copy



This view! I mean, could you ask for anything more? New Jersey, Hunterdon County, you are so beautiful!

_KEV4747 copyJCP_5022 copy

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Danielle + James: Maplewood Country Club Wedding, Maplewood NJ 

Oh Danielle and James, what a magnificent day.  Danielle you planned this day flawlessly, from the minute we started working together, I knew it would be perfect.  What’s even more perfect is how James looks at you. From your engagement session to your wedding, the look in his eyes was something so beautiful.  My favorite image is of you coming down the aisle and his reaction.  I am so thankful I was able to be a part of your day and celebrate with your family and friends for this incredible day! xo Janine

How and where did James propose?

James proposed on the Top of the Rock in NYC overlooking the Empire State Building at sunset on February 18th, 2017. James does not often plan things so I had a feeling it was coming because he had the entire weekend planned. It was one of those freaky weekends where it was 70 degrees in the middle of February. We shopped around the city in the morning and he rushed me to check in on our check in time at our hotel where he told me get ready for the night by 4:00. After he proposed we went right to dinner at Ruth Chris and saw Aladdin on Broadway. We FaceTimed  my family from the middle of Times Square on our way to the play because they were afraid he chickened out! Sunday morning we walked around all of Central Park taking pictures of my ring (and us).

What made you choose your church and venue for your wedding?

The church was my childhood church. I was baptized there, received first communion, confirmation. I also attended school there, was active in the youth group, and worked there all throughout high school and college breaks. I had grown to gave a close relationship with our Pastor and would never dream of getting married anywhere else. It helps that he remodeled (for me 😉 ) to make the church such a beautiful place!

We initially looked at our venue out of obligation to my father. He had been going to golf outings (I think through a fundraiser through our church) for years. Every year he would come home and talk about how much he loved it and how great the food was. He would always say we should look there if we ever got engaged. So we looked there with little to go off because they do not have many pictures online but I knew my dad loved it. The manager is local to scotch plains and he used a lot of family businesses in the area for various components of the wedding (which I loved because I grew up in scotch plains). When we finally went to the venue, we fell in love. Everyone we met was so accommodating and we felt that we couldn’t say no because we got the most bang for our buck which included all we wanted and more! Based on the response from everyone who attended our wedding and how happy we were with the service I would say we made the best choice. 

What did you enjoy about the planning process for your day?

There were two top things that I enjoyed. I really enjoy crafting and being creative, so I loved being able to make and create things for the wedding. I am a details person so I loved being able to create personal touches and combine everything I love into one day. I went thrift shopping regularly to get all the centerpiece containers, plates for table numbers, and mirrors for signs. From the bridesmaids belts, to the key favors and the place cards I created everything myself and I loved being able to see my vision come to life. I was fortunate to work with so many great vendors who understood my visions and ties together all the details to make it an absolutely perfect day. 

My favorite part of the process of just being engaged was how nice, thoughtful, and happy everyone was towards us and how genuinely excited they were that James and I were getting married. I hope every bride gets to have the same experience during their engagement because the entire process leading up to the wedding was such a happy process. From my patients counting down to the day with me to friends and family checking in constantly to offer help and check in, I always felt so loved and supported. I’m fortunate to have had such a memorable year and a half leading up to our perfect day. 

JCP_8053-2 copyJCP_8062 copyJCP_8101 copyJCP_8310 copyJCP_8197 copyJCP_8239 copyJCP_8419 copyJCP_8463 copyJCP_8506 copyJCP_8667 copyJCP_8628 copyJCP_8573 copyJCP_8595 copyJCP_8592 copyJCP_8584 copyJCP_8581 copyJCP_1518 copyJCP_8846 copyJCP_8863 copy_SP26673 copy_SP26675 copy_SP26785 copy_SP26790 copyJCP_9184 copyJCP_9271 copy

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JCP_0666 copyJCP_0678 copy_SP27333 copy

JCP_9972 copy

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