Valerie + Kevin: David’s Country Inn

I had the pleasure of shooting Valerie and Kevin’s amazing wedding at David’s Country Inn. I actually met Val and Kevin at Gracie New Jersey where we all train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, so it was even more important for me immerse myself in their day and capture how it truly felt.   It’s completely undeniable that the entire day was filled with love and hugs, so many hugs.  See Val’s hugs last for a minimum of 30 seconds, if you’ve ever had one, you know that’s how a hugs should be. 🙂  It was even the subject of Mickey’s (the best man) speech.

One of my favorite parts of the day was watching them sway to their first dance song by Nathaniel Rateliff.  They chose Howling at Nothing.  It’s funny, because I feel like bottom verses really defined the night.. the party was amazing, the vibe was joy and laughter and the entire crowd was dancing..

We were howlin at the moon
We were shaking our hips
Danced until we flat out falling into bed
But I won’t let you go

So, let me in or let me down
Let me lay here so slow
Baby just keep holding got to move our feet
‘Cause you know it ain’t end
Val and Kevin, you spread your love just by being in each other’s presence.  You are a truly unique couple and it’s obvious you are each others halves and together you made one whole. Love you both and thank you for allowing me to capture your day. XO Janine

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Krystalle + John: The Stone House at Stirling Ridge, Warren NJ Wedding

Love since Lock Haven…

My heart feels completely warm when I think about Krystalle and Johnny’s day.  From the moment I met them I knew their day would be special.  K+J booked me without meeting me in person and when we finally did meet, it was like I was talking to friends I had known for years.  Literally.  We chatted for hours over coffee and I learned about them as a couple and their plans for their day.  They met at Lock Haven University, Johnny a college wrestler and Krystalle a lacrosse player and the rest is history!  Krystalle is truly the type of person that draws people to her, warmly energetic, full of pep and Johnny is the perfect balance for her. I could tell that all these years of them being together drew SO MANY people to their wedding; HS friends, old coaches.. if they knew them they were there!  I also should note that this couple handed the many changes to their day with total stride.  See.. NJ had just gotten over a major Nor’easter and their original hotel lost power, adding a new hotel to the mix.  The special spot we planned to shot was covered in multiple feet of snow and the venue lost power for a bit. But absolutely none of that mattered as these two soul mates enjoyed the best day of their lives (so far) and danced the night away. 🙂

Thank you Krsytalle and Johnny from the absolute bottom of my heart for letting me in to your lives and allowing me to capture this day.  Love to you both..

How and where did John propose?

1. John proposed on July 24, 2016. We went to the Grounds for Sculpture in Trenton. We had a beautiful French lunch on the premises in the Monet garden. It was also hotter than sin out!! We had both never been to Grounds for Sculpture, but heard that it was beautiful. Johnny also knew that I wanted our engagement to be on a random day, rather than a predictable holiday. I kind of had a feeling that something was up because the date was so random. So, he was looking on a map for this place with tall, skinny trees for a perfect scenery. Johnny also knew that I wanted a picture of the engagement. So, he went ABOVE and BEYOND (as he always does) and hired a photographer who takes pictures at their work events to capture the moment. He told me he had a big speech to say, but he didn’t want anyone in the picture. All he said is: “I’ve been meaning to ask you this for a long time–Will you marry me?” I started crying and got weird jazz hands and screamed, “YES!”

What made you choose the Stone House at Stirling Ridge for your wedding?

2. All we knew is that we wanted a venue that was close to the church. Johnny’s Uncle Bobby and wife Julie, recommended some places in the area (Uncle Bobby and Julie used to live in Warren for at least 10 years). That was how we first heard about it. However, when Johnny Googled all of the places at work, he said Stone House looked unbelievable. He loved the restaurant’s menu as well. So when we finally went there with our parents and Susan, we just knew! Like the minute we walked in. We saw the exposed wood, the amazing bar, the ballroom–yes, yes and more yes! It just was us. We didn’t even need an official tour because our minds were made up. When you know, you know. 😉

What your favorite part of your wedding day?

3. Krystalle’s favorite part: We requested that the band play “This Must Be the Place” by The Talking Heads. It’s one of our many songs. One time in the summer while Johnny was cooking, he played that song in the kitchen. We were just being us and started dancing like goof balls. We also agreed its just the happiest song ever. Ever since then, it’s been our thing. So when I heard it at our wedding, it was truly surreal. Very sentimental. I also loved Johnny’s letter. It melted my heart.

Johnny’s favorite part: “All of it.” He loved the food, the band–everything. He said he couldn’t pinpoint one moment of an entire day that he truly loved. 

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Jen + Mike: Born to Run Farm Wedding, Glen Gardner New Jersey

It’s almost hard for me to put into words how I feel about this couple and shooting their day. I knew from the moment we met, they were my perfect clients.  We chatted for what felt like hours about their day while I learned about Jen and Mike as a couple and how having their wedding at Born to Run Farm in Glen Gardner NJ was a dream come true for them.  Jen grew up with a deep love for horses and they were excited to have their day at such incredible venue.

Weeks before the wedding we met on the property to talk through their vision and I instantly fell in love with the property.   Did I mention it’s 10 minutes from my home and I can see it perched high in the mountains?   Jen and Mike wanted a laid back BBQ feel for their day and they invited those closest to them to celebrate.  Surrounded by their family and friends, (and their two beautiful pups!) they had the most incredible indian summer day.   Congratulations again Jen and Mike.. you guys will remain on my mind for many years to come!!! JCP_0014 copyJCP_2084 copyJCP_0048 copy_KEV7014 copyJCP_0033 copyJCP_0380 copyJCP_0160 copyJCP_0071 copyJCP_0104 copyJCP_0235 copyJCP_0206 copyJCP_0525 copyJCP_0528 copyJCP_0330 copyJCP_0543 copyJCP_0415 copy

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