Fall Mini Session Teaser – Enzo Benefit New Jersey Children Photographer

Here’s a preview from our Enzo Benefit Mini Session.  It was an AMAZING day!!!

And here’s our amazing volunteers for the day!! Also known as my family!

L to R  Evelyn (Enzo’s aunt), Isabella (Enzo’s cousin) and Christina (Enzo’s aunt)

Isabella and I!

Look who showed up the event!!! Vinny Grande and his daughter Larissa, Enzo’s dad and sister! They live in Florida, but were up for a couple days… 🙂

{1 month old: Baby N}

When I was asked to take portraits of precious Baby N, his mommy was very specific;  she wanted that “newborn look ” in his images.  Nolan however wasn’t a tiny newborn, he was 5 weeks old when we had the session! I knew if we gave him just enough coddling and extra love from his mommy, we’d get there. And I’m happy to say we surely did!  Mom was amazing to work with too; she understood the process of getting get baby where he needed to be for us to be able to work him and I even offered her a job! ;0) .. she was stellar! Anyways, it was an absolute pleasure working with mommy and baby… enjoy!!


{toddler: Miss A} New jersey child photographer

Little ones are a big part of why I love what I do.  You can’t tell them to pose or to act a certain way, as you would with adults. You simply just have to wait to capture a moment.  I mean that’s what life it’s all about right? Moments.. 🙂  I had the pleasure of working with beautiful 20 month old, Miss A.  She was truly a ball of fun to work with and her expressions say it all! xox Janine



“Could you give me a moment please? I’m on a very important call.” 😉

My favorite photo of her.. so Aubrey Hepburn!!!!

Jcrew baby!

I’m dancing and havin fun!

Miss A wasn’t feeling her shoes.. she left her slippers behind…annnd…

…. she’s off! Love this picture!

And she’s back!!!

{headshots: Aesthetica Cosmetic & Laser Surgery Center} New Jersey Headshot photographer

I had the pleasure of working with Aesthetica Cosmetic & Laser Surgery Center, located in Bethlehem PA recently.  What a joy it was to work with this talented group of professionals! They were looking for headshots for their website as well as some product portraits.  Dermachromatic is actually a product that Dr. Vasily helped engineer, I’ve used it and it’s amazing! Here’s just a sample of some of the work I’ve done for them, much more will be highlighted on their website soon.

{engagement: Keely & Kevin} New Jersey Wedding Photographer

I had the pleasure of capturing Keely and Kevin’s engagement session and it was truly a blast! We started out their session at the Meriwood Castle in Highland Park, NJ.  What a romantic and amazing place to capture a couples love!  Keely has been visiting this spot ever since she was a little girl, so it holds a very special place in their hearts.  I had so much fun with them! Needless to say, I can not wait to capture their wedding in October of this year. 🙂

{engagement: Sandi & Jordan} New Jersey Wedding Photographer

I was so excited when I first spoke to Sandi about her engagement photos with her fiance’ Jordan.  We chatted about her upcoming June wedding and the ‘feel’ she is going for with her wedding.  I threw out some ideas for her engagement session such as some parks we could go to, some architectural locations..and then she told me that her and her fiance live on a farm.  I nearly passed out.  🙂 All I could think of was how incredible it would be to capture a couple in their true element…being with the animals they love and capturing their happy family.  Needless to say, our session this past weekend was a ton of fun and I truly marveled at their commitment to one another and their dedication to their farm.  Additionally, I couldn’t stop laughing and smiling, with all the great names for their pets and they hysterical personalities. I have infused some of the fun into the photos below.  Congrats to Sandi and Jordan and I’m truly looking forward to your June wedding!

This is Chilli, one of the awesome animals the couple adopted.  SUCH a sweetie!!

One of their beautiful horses that they rescued. She has a liking to Jordan…the kiss follows below!

AND..this is Phillip.. Handsome goat who just had to have his close-up! Would you believe he was found roaming the streets of Philly!


This is Romeo.. One of Sandi’s favorite pets…he’s very handsome!

Here’s the rest of the crew! I think they were wondering why Romeo was getting so much attention.

And of course here’s Jacks.. another furry baby they adopted.

As the sun began to set we brought the horses out to pasture.  Incredible experience..  Sandi has had Emme (the white horse) since she was born. 

This tree is one of two given to the couple by their family members.
And that’s it for now.. Until the wedding! 🙂