{Wedding: Tina + Matt Rock Island Lake Club Wedding, New Jersey Wedding Photographer

I’ve been blessed this year by being able to work with clients that I would call friends.  Matt and Tina are one of those couples for me.  From the moment we met, I knew it was going to be an incredible experience capturing their day.  Simply put, they make all in presence feel so comfortable and after spending 15 minutes with them, they will have you laughing and feeling like you have known them for 10 years.  So clearly, it would make sense that working with their friends and family on their wedding day felt like being around old friends.  Their day, was perfect. Absolutely perfect, not because of the beautiful weather, but because it is clear that they complete each other. Their vows brought the house down, I cried and laughed, we all did!  The tears and smiles were abundant from all.  Thank you Matt and Tina for letting me capture this beautiful story on your perfect day!

Ceremony+ Reception: Rock Island Lake Club

Special thanks to Nick of Nick and Kelly Photography.

Untitled-1 copy JCP_1374 copyJCP_1402 copy

JCP_1358 copy

JCP_1610 copy

JCP_1422 copyJCP_1655 copy

Opening Matt’s card and gifts. 🙂

JCP_1818 copy

Beautiful earnings brought the entire room to tears!

JCP_1846 copy JCP_1848 copy JCP_1851 copy JCP_1861 copy

Working with Tina was a dream, I asked her to stand in her parent’s vegetable garden.  She didnt look at me like I was crazy.. the light was amazing!

JCP_1969 copy JCP_1973 copy

This beautiful path is a actually the townships access road next to her house.  Stunning bride!!

JCP_2167-Edit copy JCP_2194-Edit copy

_NNK8425 copy

JCP_2331 copy

This is the box where Tina and Matt sealed their vows and thew the key into the lake. 🙂 More to come on this..

JCP_2357 copyJCP_2307 copyJCP_2577 copy

JCP_2578 copy

QOL_7421 copy

Showing the littles how to get down the aisle..just follow the Yankee sign! 🙂

QOL_7442 copy JCP_2498 copy

JCP_2515 copyJCP_2503 copyJCP_2546 copy _NNK8547 copyJCP_2551 copy JCP_2563 copy JCP_2583 copy JCP_2586 copy JCP_2596 copy JCP_2633 copy JCP_2637 copy JCP_2639 copy JCP_2642 copy JCP_2648 copy JCP_2689 copy JCP_2690 copy JCP_2701 copy

JCP_2702 copy JCP_2708 copy

QOL_7559 copyQOL_7634 copyJCP_2711 copy JCP_2723 copy JCP_2738 copy JCP_2740 copy JCP_2742 copy JCP_2756 copy JCP_2758 copy JCP_2771 copy

Tina was overcome with emotion as their mothers presented the box to them.

JCP_2807 copy JCP_2814 copy JCP_2825 copy JCP_2860 copy

_NNK8597 copy

JCP_2947 copy JCP_3009 copy JCP_3015 copy JCP_3038 copy JCP_3040 copy

So when we did the walkthrough together at Rock Island Lake Club, I saw the beautiful island in the middle of the lake and asked Tina and Matt if they would be willing to row out to the island.  They were ALL IN.  AKA.. my dream couple!

JCP_3087 copy

QOL_7813-Edit copyQOL_7835-Edit copyJCP_3180-Edit copy

QOL_7867 copyQOL_7872 copyJCP_3259-Edit copyJCP_3194-Edit copyJCP_2247 copy

JCP_3396 copy JCP_3420 copy JCP_3493 copy JCP_3511 copy JCP_3544 copy JCP_3565 copy JCP_3586 copy JCP_3592 copy JCP_3606 copy JCP_3609 copy JCP_3625 copy

AND THEN..more magic! It was a completely sunny day.. and this random rain shower brought the most incredible rainbow.  Nick and I were soaked.. it was perfect!!

JCP_3670 copy JCP_3702 copy JCP_3783 copy JCP_3789 copy JCP_3792 copy JCP_3793 copy JCP_3800 copy JCP_3801 copy JCP_3805 copy JCP_3821 copy JCP_3825 copy

JCP_3907 copy

JCP_2169-2 copy_NNK8943 copy_NNK8972 copyJCP_1815-2 copy_NNK9236 copy_NNK9239 copy_NNK9035 copyJCP_3833 copy JCP_3933-Edit copy JCP_3943-Edit copy

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