Marie + Steve: Wedding at the Ryland Inn Coach House, Whitehouse Station, NJ

When I was a young girl, I would visit the Ryland Inn with my family.  It was such a special place to us; used for special occasions.   So when Marie and Steve reached out to me and asked me to be a part of their wedding day, I was honored.  They picked such a beautiful venue which allowed them to not only have an amazing party, but such an intimate warm environment for their guests. Marie and Steve had a beautiful fall sunny day and the most perfect sunset during their ceremony.  It was an honor to be a small part in their story and document their day through my lens.  Marie and Steve, I wish you all the joy in the world as you embark on this new chapter in your lives!

I also have to mention Liza from the Ryland Inn, who made sure every detail was meticulously covered! And SCE Event Group, who truly brought the party!JCP_5017 copyJCP_4818 copyJCP_4703 copyJCP_4759-Edit copyJCP_5087 copyJCP_4887 copyJCP_5102 copyJCP_4724 copy

JCP_5176 copyJCP_5037 copyJCP_5053 copyJCP_4830 copy_SP10202 copyJCP_5125 copyJCP_5211 copyJCP_5256 copyJCP_5347 copy_SP10224 copy_SP20138 copy

JCP_5468 copyJCP_5534 copyJCP_5626 copyJCP_5627 copyJCP_5800 copyJCP_5686 copyJCP_5869 copyJCP_5880 copy_SP10420 copyJCP_5884 copyJCP_5914 copyJCP_5948 copyJCP_6015 copyJCP_6054 copyJCP_6099 copyJCP_6107-Edit copyJCP_6254 copyJCP_6302 copyJCP_6403 copy_SP20340 copyJCP_6359 copyJCP_6184 copyJCP_6329 copyJCP_6373 copyJCP_6853 copy_SP20421 copyJCP_6885 copyJCP_6898 copyJCP_6917 copyJCP_6959 copyJCP_6970 copyJCP_6974 copyJCP_6983 copy_SP10614 copy_SP10622 copyJCP_6713 copyJCP_7037 copyMarie&Steve (4 of 5) copyJCP_7061 copyJCP_7082 copyJCP_7039 copyJCP_7099 copyJCP_7559 copyJCP_7157 copyJCP_7168 copyJCP_7205 copyJCP_7237 copyJCP_7240 copy_SP20706 copyJCP_7280 copy_SP10855 copyJCP_7464 copyJCP_7483 copyJCP_7413 copy_SP10756 copyJCP_7352 copyJCP_7184 copyJCP_7530 copy_SP11193 copyJCP_7648 copy_SP20827 copyJCP_7898 copy_SP20853 copyJCP_8086 copyJCP_7705 copyJCP_7587 copyJCP_7546 copyJCP_8090 copyJCP_7762 copyJCP_7786 copyJCP_7766 copy

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