Wedding: Shanna + James – New Jersey Butler Park Farm Wedding, New Jersey Rustic Photographer

From the steps of my front door, I can see this beautiful farm.  During the planting months, I hear the mow of the tractors working on the crops and my little ones, love to see the large John Deere machines plowing the land.  I’ve been in awe of this beautiful farm since my husband and I moved in.  So when I got a call from Shanna, asking if I was a photographer located in Washington, NJ.. I said, YES!  When she told me where her ceremony would be, I put two and two together and learned that this incredible farm belongs to her grandparents.

Shanna and James knew it was the perfect place for their wedding as this couple is deeply rooted in their families. I believe it truly shows in their images too.   Family was incorporated throughout the day and in every aspect of their wedding.  And when it came time for their portraits,  we spent some extra time climbing into the lofts of the barn making some magic happen. And it was MAGIC..  I felt such a strong connection between Shanna and James from the moment I met them. Shanna is in Med School in NY and James is stationed in Maryland.  He drives almost every weekend 6 hours to see her.  Being around them was like being part of a modern day fairytale.  Boy meets girl, girl meets boy..they fall in love and marry on her family’s farm in front of those they love and adore.  Does it get any better? No. It does not. 🙂  Shanna and James, you both are incredible and your love story will last with me for years and years to come. I wish you the best, now and always!

JCP_7456 copyJCP_7561 copy

Shanna’s brother is active duty Air Force and was able to travel to the wedding. 🙂

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Shanna greeting her grandfather at the ceremony. 🙂 JCP_7921 copy

This pillow was used in James’s parent’s wedding ceremony.JCP_7917 copy

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_KDC3333 copyJCP_7993 copyJCP_7986 copyJCP_8027 copyJCP_8028 copyJCP_8032 copyJCP_8037 copy_KDC3394 copy

Their ceremony took place  on the 1700s portion of the home. JCP_8099 copyJCP_8102 copyJCP_8096 copyJCP_8057 copy_KDC3620 copyJCP_8073 copyJCP_8166 copyJCP_8205 copyJCP_8209 copy

_KDC3723 copy

JCP_8253 copyJCP_8281 copyJCP_8291 copyJCP_8295 copy

JCP_8376 copy

This car was the car Shanna’s grandfather took her grandmother on their first date! JCP_8505 copy

_KDC4001 copy

JCP_8823 copyJCP_9023 copyJCP_9011 copyJCP_8948 copyJCP_8880 copy

JCP_8778 copyJCP_8799 copyJCP_9085 copy_KDC4077 copy_KDC4086 copyThis photo makes me laugh! Shanna asked her brother for a pair of socks to wear with her boots! 🙂_KDC4411 copy_KDC4402 copy_KDC4313 copy_KDC4308 copy

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Wedding: Elizabeth + Erich – The Primavera Regency, Stirling NJ Wedding Photographer

It feels so good to go back to your roots sometimes and to visit the streets you grew up on as a child. When Elizabeth asked me to shoot her wedding, I immediately felt completely honored.  You see, I grew up with Elizabeth’s older brother and he was one of the first friends I made in grade school in Somerville, NJ.  My memory of Elizabeth was of a beautiful brown eyed little girl, kind and sweet to all.  So when she asked me to capture her wedding to Erich, I almost cried. To see her marry her love on her wedding day was one I won’t forget.  Erich is her perfect match..witty and fun and full of life. The joining  of these families was one filled with incredible emotion and laughter.  I’m so overjoyed to have been a part of this day and Elizabeth and Erich I wish you a life time of happiness and love!

Ceremony: St. Joseph’s – Raritan NJ

Reception: The Primavera Regency

Hair/Make Up: The Beauty Bar
Dress: Jean-Ralph Thurin


Elizabeth was hungry and asked that someone grab her a mini-bagel.  But these sisters decided to share it. 🙂 The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-09.jpg

Big brother laughs.. ALL day!The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-06The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-12The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-13The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-14The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-15The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-22The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-16The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-17The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-18The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-23The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-24The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-11The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-27The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-28The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-29The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-10The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-21The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-20The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-19The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-26The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-25The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-31The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-30The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-32The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-33The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-34The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-35The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-36

We stopped at the beautiful Nevius Street Bridge in Raritan NJ for some beautiful portraits.The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-37The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-38The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-40The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-42The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-43The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-44The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-46The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-49

Elizabeth’s mom asked that we go back to her home for a toast with some of the guests before heading to the reception. E+E got to say hello to their beautiful dogs for a quick moment.The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-50The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-54

I love this moment, right before Mrs. Knapp gave a toast, Elizabeth and her mom shared a personal moment.  She was telling her how much she loves her. Such joy!The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-52The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-53The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-55The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-56The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-57The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-58The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-59The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-60The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-61The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-62The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-63The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-64The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-65JCP_6110 copy.jpgThe-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-66The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-67The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-68