Jen + Mike: Born to Run Farm Wedding, Glen Gardner New Jersey

It’s almost hard for me to put into words how I feel about this couple and shooting their day. I knew from the moment we met, they were my perfect clients.  We chatted for what felt like hours about their day while I learned about Jen and Mike as a couple and how having their wedding at Born to Run Farm in Glen Gardner NJ was a dream come true for them.  Jen grew up with a deep love for horses and they were excited to have their day at such incredible venue.

Weeks before the wedding we met on the property to talk through their vision and I instantly fell in love with the property.   Did I mention it’s 10 minutes from my home and I can see it perched high in the mountains?   Jen and Mike wanted a laid back BBQ feel for their day and they invited those closest to them to celebrate.  Surrounded by their family and friends, (and their two beautiful pups!) they had the most incredible indian summer day.   Congratulations again Jen and Mike.. you guys will remain on my mind for many years to come!!! JCP_0014 copyJCP_2084 copyJCP_0048 copy_KEV7014 copyJCP_0033 copyJCP_0380 copyJCP_0160 copyJCP_0071 copyJCP_0104 copyJCP_0235 copyJCP_0206 copyJCP_0525 copyJCP_0528 copyJCP_0330 copyJCP_0543 copyJCP_0415 copy

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