Emily + Justin: LBI Engagement Session at Barnegat Lighthouse

There are two places on the face of this earth that I absolutely adore more than anywhere else, Cape May and Long Beach Island (LBI).  Shooting engagement sessions and weddings in Cape May and LBI are an absolute dream to me. The beautiful colors of the grass and sand, coupled with the interesting textures, is pure heaven for a photographer.. or for me at least!  So when Emily and Justin said they wanted their engagement shoot at Barnegat Lighthouse on LBI, I was thrilled!  Emily has a history of visiting the island, as do I and thus it was kismet.

We had a plan going into the day and as we approached the island, as summer weather would have it, it started to storm; bad. Lightening, downpours, wind, all of it.  But, we waited it out and had faith that the clearing would be AMAZING …and it was it.  I’m so thankful for that storm, because in that “what are we going to do moment”  I had the chance to really bond with my amazing clients.  I’ll be forever thankful for those moments.

The aftermath of the storm gave us the the most amazing beachy blue skies and dramatic clouds.  Emily and Justin were absolute troopers through it all..walking through the wet sand, outfit changes, and the chance of more rain. And then.. the rainbow hit.  We for sure, knew we were in the right place for their session.  After the intense stress of the weather, I’m truly amazed by my clients for truly connecting so deeply with each other during their session. I kept calling them my Prince Harry and Megan Markle!  Emily and Justin, you are amazing and I can’t wait to shoot your June 2020 wedding at Bonnet Island Estate!

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Corinne + Kevin: Summer Wedding at the Mansion at Natirar

I would say that if we lived in a universe where two souls connect to each other over every lifetime experienced, that it would be certain that each time Corinne and Kevin would find each other, each time.. somehow, some way.  In all of my years in this business, I have never met a more affectionate groom than Kevin.  It’s so obvious when he reads Corrine’s card or when he prepares for their first look, how deeply in love he is with his beautiful bride.  You can that together this couple makes each other whole.

It’s funny, when I’m shooting a wedding, I’m always looking and searching for ‘moments’ for ‘feels’.. Corinne and Kevin’s wedding was one where I didn’t have to search at all because of the connection this couple has to each other and to their family and friends.  Thank you Kevin and Corinne, for allowing me in to your world to tell your story.

Hair/Makeup:  Gabrielle D’Amato  & Marissa-hair

DJ/Band: Classie Events                                                                              

Ceremony + Reception: The Mansion at Natirar

Officiant: Rabbi Randi Musnitskey- Temple Har Shalom Warren, NJ                             

Florist: Jardinière Fine Flowers, Far Hills NJ                                                              

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Nicole + Shaun: Fiddler’s Elbow Country Club Wedding

Nicole and Shaun your wedding was epic!  This fantastic couple started their day getting ready at the Fiddlers Elbow Country Club in Bedminster NJ.   It’s such a beautiful location, tucked behind a lush golf course where the grounds and gardens are meticulously maintained.  Both the bride and groom chose to get ready with their families and bridal party in the bridal suites.  I had a couple favorite moments from this part of the day. Absolutely on the list was when their sweet dog Winnie, came to visit Nicole during her prep.  Winnie was so excited she was whining and crying with joy!  Next up, was when Nicole’s  bridal party and her mom watched her open her card from Shaun. But my most favorite moment was Nicole’s Dad seeing her for the first time. I’m pretty sure, this is the most epic father first look I’ve every captured!!

After the prep, we headed to Mary Mother of God Church in Hillsborough, NJ for the ceremomy.  I love the look on Shaun’s face when he sees his bride for the first time and dad’s reaction to Nicole seeing Shaun.  These are the moments I live for!  Aftewards, we went back to the club for their portraits and reception. Their reception was totally on fire and we so much fun shooting all the fun with their guests!  Thank you so much Nicole and Shaun for allowing me to capture your incredible day!

Hair/Makeup: Beauty on Location Website

DJ/Band: The Infernos

Florist: Jardiniere Fine Flowers

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This is the moment when Nicole realizes her sweet Winnie is on the way to see her!JCP_4976-2 copyJCP_4956 copyJCP_5018 copyJCP_5046 copyJCP_5065 copyJCP_5089 copyJCP_5227 copy

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Marie + Steve: Wedding at the Ryland Inn Coach House, Whitehouse Station, NJ

When I was a young girl, I would visit the Ryland Inn with my family.  It was such a special place to us; used for special occasions.   So when Marie and Steve reached out to me and asked me to be a part of their wedding day, I was honored.  They picked such a beautiful venue which allowed them to not only have an amazing party, but such an intimate warm environment for their guests. Marie and Steve had a beautiful fall sunny day and the most perfect sunset during their ceremony.  It was an honor to be a small part in their story and document their day through my lens.  Marie and Steve, I wish you all the joy in the world as you embark on this new chapter in your lives!

I also have to mention Liza from the Ryland Inn, who made sure every detail was meticulously covered! And SCE Event Group, who truly brought the party!JCP_5017 copyJCP_4818 copyJCP_4703 copyJCP_4759-Edit copyJCP_5087 copyJCP_4887 copyJCP_5102 copyJCP_4724 copy

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