Wedding: Cortney + Mike: The Rodale Institute – Organic Farm Wedding – Kutztown, PA

I had the pleasure of capturing Cortney and Mike’s incredible wedding at the beautiful Rodale Institute in Kutztown, PA.  This breathtaking venue is home to an all organic farm, with sweeping hills and orchards galore.  Every detail of this day was meticulously planned by the Bride and Groom….  and they are officially the king and queen of DIY!

Reception: The Rodale Institute 

Cake: Appetique

Dress: Melissa Sweet

Bouquets: Dutch Valley Florist
Table Arrangements: Greenway Florist

Brides Hair: Megan Boyle
Bridesmaids hair: DIY
Bride and Bridesmaids make-up: DIY

DJ: Schaffer Sound DJ’s

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Wedding: Cortney + Jason – Basking Ridge Country Club New Jersey

Have you ever met a couple that when they walk in the room, all heads turn to look that them?  If you have, it was probably Cortney and Jason.  They both have personalities that will light up a room within minutes.  Jason’s smile is like none other,  constantly grinning from ear to ear and Cortney’s electric eyes could like take your breath away. Their entire day was filled with incredible emotion.  Jason was over taken with emotion when he knew Cortney was coming down the aisle. See awesome tears below. It’s probably my favorite processional ever. After the ceremony, we took some portraits during golden hour on the grounds of the country club. And the night ended with some pretty sick dancing in the ballroom at the Basking Ridge Country Club.  Thank you again J+C for allowing me to document your amazing day!

Ceremony + Reception: Basking Ridge Country Club

Hair/Makeup: Stephanie (hair) and Adriana (makeup)  of Pin It Up & Pout
Cake: Gourmet Touch Bakery
Dress: A customized Jovani by Aziza Couture
Flowers: Vanessa at Metropolitan Plant & Floral Exchange
DJ: Christian from SCE Group

Special thanks to Hasan Aj of Vibrant Captures for shooting this wedding with me!

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Wedding: Elizabeth + Erich – The Primavera Regency, Stirling NJ Wedding Photographer

It feels so good to go back to your roots sometimes and to visit the streets you grew up on as a child. When Elizabeth asked me to shoot her wedding, I immediately felt completely honored.  You see, I grew up with Elizabeth’s older brother and he was one of the first friends I made in grade school in Somerville, NJ.  My memory of Elizabeth was of a beautiful brown eyed little girl, kind and sweet to all.  So when she asked me to capture her wedding to Erich, I almost cried. To see her marry her love on her wedding day was one I won’t forget.  Erich is her perfect match..witty and fun and full of life. The joining  of these families was one filled with incredible emotion and laughter.  I’m so overjoyed to have been a part of this day and Elizabeth and Erich I wish you a life time of happiness and love!

Ceremony: St. Joseph’s – Raritan NJ

Reception: The Primavera Regency

Hair/Make Up: The Beauty Bar
Dress: Jean-Ralph Thurin


Elizabeth was hungry and asked that someone grab her a mini-bagel.  But these sisters decided to share it. 🙂 The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-09.jpg

Big brother laughs.. ALL day!The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-06The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-12The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-13The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-14The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-15The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-22The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-16The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-17The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-18The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-23The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-24The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-11The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-27The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-28The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-29The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-10The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-21The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-20The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-19The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-26The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-25The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-31The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-30The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-32The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-33The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-34The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-35The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-36

We stopped at the beautiful Nevius Street Bridge in Raritan NJ for some beautiful portraits.The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-37The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-38The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-40The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-42The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-43The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-44The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-46The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-49

Elizabeth’s mom asked that we go back to her home for a toast with some of the guests before heading to the reception. E+E got to say hello to their beautiful dogs for a quick moment.The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-50The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-54

I love this moment, right before Mrs. Knapp gave a toast, Elizabeth and her mom shared a personal moment.  She was telling her how much she loves her. Such joy!The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-52The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-53The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-55The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-56The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-57The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-58The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-59The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-60The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-61The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-62The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-63The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-64The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-65JCP_6110 copy.jpgThe-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-66The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-67The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-68


Cortney + Jason: Engagement Session – Basking Ridge Country Club Wedding – New Jersey Wedding Photographer

We were blessed with the most beautiful spring day for  Jason and Cortney’s engagement session.  The couple decided to visit Duke Farm in Hillsborough NJ for their engagement session and I’m so glad they did!  We shot underneath the beautiful lush magnolia trees, some of which are over 100 years old.   We visited the greenhouse filled with orchids and  of course the giant stone walkways.  Shooting their wedding next week at the Basking Ridge County Club will surely be a treat.  As you can see from these images their connection is magical and I know their wedding day is going be spectacular!

engagement session basking ridge country club

engagement session basking ridge country clubJCP_0607-3 copyBasking-ridge-country-club-wedding-photographer-3Basking-ridge-country-club-wedding-photographer-4Basking-ridge-country-club-wedding-photographer-5Basking-ridge-country-club-wedding-photographer-6Basking-ridge-country-club-wedding-photographer-7Basking-ridge-country-club-wedding-photographer-8Basking-ridge-country-club-wedding-photographer-9Basking-ridge-country-club-wedding-photographer-11Basking-ridge-country-club-wedding-photographer-10Basking-ridge-country-club-wedding-photographer-12Basking-ridge-country-club-wedding-photographer-13Basking-ridge-country-club-wedding-photographer-14Basking-ridge-country-club-wedding-photographer-15Basking-ridge-country-club-wedding-photographer-16Basking-ridge-country-club-wedding-photographer-17JCP_0930-2 copy.jpg


{Megan + Mike} David’s Country Inn – Hackettstown New Jersey

Was so very honored to shoot this wedding.  I happen to know the beautiful bride since grammar school and was honored she selected me to cover her incredible wedding to Mike.  Not only because we go way back, but also because her brother shot my wedding many moons ago.  I just felt so right being a part of this amazing day. So many fun moments, coupled with tons of laughter.  Megan is the funny one in the family. You can just tell;  when she is in the room, there is never a dull moment.  Watching her with Mike, it’s like they compliment each other perfectly. I experienced so many private jokes between them and when we were shooting their bridal portraits, it was like we weren’t even there..effortlessly, he made her laugh and vice versa. It was quite the cold day too.. but you can’t tell because the joy on their faces truly warms the images. Thank you Megan and Mike for allowing me to share in your beautiful day.

Special Thanks to Lisa of Lisa Nicolosi Photography for shooting this day with me!JCP_9401 copy

JCP_9432 copyJCP_8044 copyJCP_9602 copyJCP_9671 copyJCP_9650 copyJCP_9676 copyJCP_9759 copyJCP_9764 copyJCP_9736 copyJCP_9553 copy_DSC0369 copyJCP_9842 copy_DSC7742 copyJCP_9869 copyJCP_9896 copyJCP_9907 copyJCP_9918 copyJCP_8144 copy_DSC0388 copy_DSC0396 copyJCP_9998 copyJCP_9969 copyJCP_9987 copy_DSC7874 copy_DSC7879 copy_DSC7794 copyJCP_9945 copyJCP_0680 copyJCP_0683-Edit copy.jpgJCP_0700 copyJCP_0761 copyJCP_0723 copy_DSC7975 copy_DSC7977 copy_DSC8007 copy_DSC8017 copyJCP_0789 copy.jpgJCP_0803 copy

JCP_0859 copyJCP_0844 copyJCP_0818 copyJCP_0825 copyJCP_0210 copyJCP_8488 copyJCP_1014 copyJCP_1024 copyJCP_1044 copyJCP_1030 copyJCP_1097 copyJCP_1116 copyJCP_1089 copyJCP_1115 copyJCP_1152 copyJCP_1148 copyJCP_1256 copyJCP_1226 copyJCP_1302 copyJCP_8692 copyJCP_8378 copyJCP_8523 copyJCP_8475 copyJCP_8254 copyJCP_1371 copy_DSC8190 copy_DSC8303 copy_DSC8207 copy_DSC0518 copyJCP_8552 copy