Valerie + Kevin: David’s Country Inn

I had the pleasure of shooting Valerie and Kevin’s amazing wedding at David’s Country Inn. I actually met Val and Kevin at Gracie New Jersey where we all train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, so it was even more important for me immerse myself in their day and capture how it truly felt.   It’s completely undeniable that the entire day was filled with love and hugs, so many hugs.  See Val’s hugs last for a minimum of 30 seconds, if you’ve ever had one, you know that’s how a hugs should be. 🙂  It was even the subject of Mickey’s (the best man) speech.

One of my favorite parts of the day was watching them sway to their first dance song by Nathaniel Rateliff.  They chose Howling at Nothing.  It’s funny, because I feel like bottom verses really defined the night.. the party was amazing, the vibe was joy and laughter and the entire crowd was dancing..

We were howlin at the moon
We were shaking our hips
Danced until we flat out falling into bed
But I won’t let you go

So, let me in or let me down
Let me lay here so slow
Baby just keep holding got to move our feet
‘Cause you know it ain’t end
Val and Kevin, you spread your love just by being in each other’s presence.  You are a truly unique couple and it’s obvious you are each others halves and together you made one whole. Love you both and thank you for allowing me to capture your day. XO Janine

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