Wedding: Sophia + Mike – Greek Orthodox Wedding, Mayfair Farms Wedding

There aren’t enough words to describe how much I enjoyed shooting Sophia and Mike’s incredible New Year’s Eve wedding.  It was my an absolute blast from the moment I walked in the door of Sophia’s parents home. Their day was filled with culture and tradition and truly, I feel a strong desire to shoot many more Greek weddings after experiencing the culture (and fun) that I was exposed to.  Every detail for the day was planned perfectly, but there was such a natural and beautiful flow to the day that being there just felt right. It felt right watching them get married, it felt right watching those that love them bask in the glory of their union and it certainly felt right spending NYE with a couple that will remain close of my heart.  Best wishes now and always M + S.. you are truly a class act. 🙂

Special thanks to Lisa, as always, of Lisa Nicolosi Photography for second shooting this beautiful wedding with me!

JCP_0222 copyJCP_0210 copyJCP_0247 copyJCP_0216 copyJCP_0338 copyJCP_0386 copy

Sophia’s Godmother is moved to tears at the sight of her..JCP_0399 copy

JCP_0425 copy

Mom walks in to bring bandaids for the brides shoes and is moved to tears.  Such an awesome moment. JCP_0432 copyJCP_0434 copyJCP_0610 copyIt’s traditional for the bride to write the name of the single girls in her bridal party on the sole of her shoe.  The first name to rub off as the day goes on will be the first to get married. JCP_0850 copyJCP_0844 copyJCP_0845 copyJCP_0726 copyJCP_0507 copyJCP_0915 copy

Little man was the official “ring security.” And he reminded me when we went outside to take some pictures of Sophia and her bridal party as he watched from the window. JCP_0959 copyJCP_1019 copy_DSC5245-Edit copy_DSC5289 copy_DSC5332 copy_DSC5297 copy.jpg

No flower girl left behind! 🙂 JCP_1268-Recovered copyJCP_1271-Recovered copyJCP_1287 copyJCP_0545-2 copyJCP_1316 copyJCP_0506-2 copy_DSC6087 copyJCP_0420-2 copy_DSC5791 copy_DSC5996 copyJCP_1423 copyJCP_0579-2 copyJCP_1411 copy_DSC6071 copyJCP_0413-2 copyJCP_0409-2 copyJCP_0455-2 copyJCP_0498-2 copyJCP_1489 copyJCP_1503 copyJCP_1525 copyJCP_1519 copyJCP_1448 copyJCP_1554 copy_DSC6098 copy.jpgJCP_1582 copyJCP_1799 copyJCP_1839 copyJCP_1848 copyJCP_2215 copyJCP_3191 copyJCP_2304 copyJCP_2306 copyJCP_2317 copyJCP_2331 copyJCP_2352 copyJCP_2399 copyJCP_2406 copyJCP_2412 copyJCP_2475 copyJCP_2442 copyJCP_2472 copyJCP_2503 copyJCP_2498 copyJCP_2522 copyJCP_2524 copyJCP_2632 copyJCP_2528 copyJCP_2532 copy

JCP_2577 copyJCP_2623 copyJCP_2630 copyJCP_2658 copyJCP_2668 copyJCP_2677 copy

_DSC6279 copy_DSC6155 copy_DSC6292 copy.jpgJCP_3112 copyJCP_3089 copyJCP_1102 copyJCP_1079 copyJCP_1147 copy_DSC7034 copy_DSC7017 copy_DSC6432 copy_DSC6909 copy_DSC6914 copy_DSC6775 copyJCP_2737 copyJCP_2749 copyJCP_2717 copy

_DSC6603 copyJCP_2774 copyJCP_2835 copy_DSC6361 copy_DSC6286 copyJCP_2966 copyJCP_2988 copyJCP_2998 copyJCP_3000 copy


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