{Engagement: Shanna + James} Bulter Park Washington NJ Wedding

Shanna and James will be getting married later this month at her grandparents farm in Washington, New Jersey.  We stopped by the farm to take some fun photos a couple weeks before the wedding. I am SO EXCITED to shoot this wedding because, 1) this couple is absolutely awesome and their connection is incredible and 2) I can see this beautiful farm from my home.  There’s something so special about making these connections with those local in my community.  It allows me to really feel a part of the day.

The history of this farm is wonderful and I plan to go into tons of detail with their wedding post.  For example, this car they are sitting on, is the car that her grandfather took her grandmother in on their first date!!!

JCP_9857 copyJCP_9867-Edit copyJCP_9869 copyJCP_9887 copyJCP_9906 copy

We climbed into the hay loft for some awesome shots. JCP_9937 copyJCP_9978 copyJCP_0053 copyJCP_0119 copyJCP_0124 copyJCP_0228 copy

This beautiful porch is where they will say “I DO” later this month!JCP_0294 copy

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