{Wedding: Meredith + Mike} David’s Country Inn, Hackettstown, NJ – New Jersey Wedding Photographer

It was such an incredible pleasure shooting Meredith and Mike’s wedding, or as I like to refer to them, M+M. 🙂 I can remember when we first met well over a year before their wedding and the consultation we had in my office.  I loved listening to their playful banter back and forth and their vision for their day.  Meredith had lots of ideas for the day and Mike too, but he told me that he loved the bar area at David’s and we made sure we got some fun bar shots for them both. Being in the alcohol industry, Mike loved David’s beautiful vintage bar area; how could you not?! It’s amazing. Over the months before their wedding, Meredith and I chatted many times about the wedding day schedule and her ideas. She was truly, my most organized bride, which made her day flow so beautifuly.   She’s also so incredibly kind and warm and meeting and working with both of them and their families was such a pleasure!  We messaged back and forth so much in the weeks before her wedding, I now miss our daily conversations!   There were so many wonderful touches to their day, a custom cigar area, polaroid pictures, right down to the programs.. no detail was left out!  Even down to the band they selected, who are local to them and totally rocked the party!   Meredith and Mike, thank you for allowing me to capture your beautiful day and your incredible love story. Many wishes now and as you embark on this new chapter together. ❤
Band- Jason Gleason
Dress- Bijou bridal
JCP_5415 copyJCP_5504 copyJCP_5386 copyJCP_5469 copy
  JCP_5499 copy
JCP_5703 copy JCP_5525 copy JCP_5658 copy
JCP_5875 copy JCP_5872 copy JCP_5885 copy JCP_5923-Edit copy
JCP_6205 copy
_KDC8113 copy _KDC8100 copy
JCP_6284 copy JCP_6290 copy JCP_6313 copy JCP_6394 copy JCP_6338 copy
_KDC8133 copy _KDC8134 copy
JCP_6501 copy
JCP_6509 copy _KDC8295 copy _KDC8321 copy _KDC8344 copy
_KDC8356 copy _KDC8364 copy
JCP_6614 copy JCP_6624 copy JCP_6627 copy JCP_6641 copy JCP_6678 copy JCP_6722 copy JCP_6734 copy JCP_6738 copy JCP_6748 copy JCP_6771 copy JCP_6777 copy
JCP_7118 copy JCP_7104 copy JCP_7056 copy
_KDC8013-Edit copy _KDC7972 copy
Untitled-1 copy
JCP_7141 copy JCP_7135 copy JCP_7195 copy JCP_7207 copy
JCP_5972 copy _KDC8129 copy
JCP_7232 copy JCP_7334 copy JCP_7369 copy JCP_7375 copy  JCP_7395 copy JCP_7404 copy JCP_7444 copy JCP_7451 copy JCP_7499 copy JCP_7509 copy JCP_7511 copy JCP_7541 copy JCP_7552 copy JCP_7557 copy JCP_7721 copy JCP_9931 copy JCP_9966 copy
_KDC8881 copy _KDC8872 copy _KDC8866 copy _KDC8731 copy

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