Nicole + Shaun: Fiddler’s Elbow Country Club Wedding

Nicole and Shaun your wedding was epic!  This fantastic couple started their day getting ready at the Fiddlers Elbow Country Club in Bedminster NJ.   It’s such a beautiful location, tucked behind a lush golf course where the grounds and gardens are meticulously maintained.  Both the bride and groom chose to get ready with their families and bridal party in the bridal suites.  I had a couple favorite moments from this part of the day. Absolutely on the list was when their sweet dog Winnie, came to visit Nicole during her prep.  Winnie was so excited she was whining and crying with joy!  Next up, was when Nicole’s  bridal party and her mom watched her open her card from Shaun. But my most favorite moment was Nicole’s Dad seeing her for the first time. I’m pretty sure, this is the most epic father first look I’ve every captured!!

After the prep, we headed to Mary Mother of God Church in Hillsborough, NJ for the ceremomy.  I love the look on Shaun’s face when he sees his bride for the first time and dad’s reaction to Nicole seeing Shaun.  These are the moments I live for!  Aftewards, we went back to the club for their portraits and reception. Their reception was totally on fire and we so much fun shooting all the fun with their guests!  Thank you so much Nicole and Shaun for allowing me to capture your incredible day!

Hair/Makeup: Beauty on Location Website

DJ/Band: The Infernos

Florist: Jardiniere Fine Flowers

D51_4431 copyD51_4446-Edit copyJCP_4726 copy

JCP_4665 2 copy

This is the moment when Nicole realizes her sweet Winnie is on the way to see her!JCP_4976-2 copyJCP_4956 copyJCP_5018 copyJCP_5046 copyJCP_5065 copyJCP_5089 copyJCP_5227 copy

JCP_5298 copyD51_4492 copy_SP10329 copyJCP_5323 copy.jpgJCP_5355 copy

JCP_5346 copyD51_4506 copy

JCP_5445 copy

JCP_5544 copy_SP10577 copyJCP_5603 copy_SP10641 copyD51_4582 copy_SP10605-2 copyD51_4553 copyD51_4544 copyJCP_5426 copyD51_4537 copyD51_4699 copyD51_4760 copy

D51_4789 copyD51_5066 copyD51_5079 copyD51_5082 copyD51_4937 copyD51_4931 copy

JCP_5762 copyD51_5291 copy_SP11041 copyD51_5224-2 copy_SP11054 copyD51_5377 copyD51_5228 copy_SP11086 copy

JCP_5864 copyNicole and Shaun Reception-1 2 copy

_SP20772-Edit copy

JCP_6240 copyD51_5537 copyD51_5518 copyD51_5548 copy_SP11258 copyJCP_6276 copyJCP_6299 copyD51_5571 copyD51_5561 copy_SP11305 copyD51_5586 copyD51_5595 copyJCP_6367 copy_SP21572 copyD51_6117 copyD51_6080 copyD51_6066 copyD51_5884 copy_SP21339 copy_SP21345 copyD51_5859 copyJCP_6471 copyJCP_6462 copy_SP21090 copy_SP21356 copy_SP21014 copy_SP20998 copy_SP21062 copy




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