Jillian + Kevin: The Liberty House Wedding, Jersey City New Jersey

Jillian and Kevin’s wedding day was something out of a dream. We started out at a gorgeous loft in Jersey City for Jillian’s getting ready process . All of the exposed brick, gorgeous light and mirrors lended itself very nicely to the beautiful bride.   Then  we traveled to the iconic and breathtaking St. Lucy’s Church in Newark, NJ.  In particular, there’s a shot of Jillian standing outside the church and some of her bridesmaids helping her with her veil. In the foreground the groom’s father sees her for the first time. This image reminded me that sometimes, I see a touch of anxiety on my brides faces as they are about to walk down the aisle.  But not Jillian, she was completely calm.  I love moments like these; they are so honest and it just hits you in “the feels.”  Because sometimes you can just see when two people are so right for each other.  Now I will say, Kevin did shed some tears, at least we are calling them that, because he had an allergic reaction to his boutinerre…  I’m sticking with tears, however. 🙂

After their ceremony, we headed to the Liberty House, in Jersey City to capture some awesome portraits on the surrounding grounds.  It was truly incredible working with Jillian and Kevin and their day was magic.  And.. Go Rangers!! Kidding Kevin.. Devils..100% Devils. 🙂  Congratulations!!!

Special thanks to Hasan of Vibrant Captures for shooting this amazing day with me!


JCP_0998 copyJCP_0736 copyJCP_0771 copyJCP_1209 copyJCP_1245 copyJCP_1294 copyJCP_1464

JCP_1538-2JCP_1593 copyJCP_1588 copy5U2A9783 copyVCS_9903 copyVCS_9941 copyVCS_9949 copyVCS_9972 copyJCP_1921 copy 3JCP_1694 copyJCP_1929 copyJCP_1934 copyJCP_1716 copyJCP_1904 copyJCP_1834 copyVCS_0079 copyJCP_2002 copyJCP_2065 copyJCP_2066 copyJCP_2099 copy

JCP_2233 copyJCP_2261 copyJCP_2468 copyJCP_2614 copyJCP_2700 copyJCP_2786 copyJCP_2792 copyJCP_2823 copyJCP_2840 copyJCP_2912 copyVCS_0372 copyVCS_0384 copyVCS_0370 copy

JCP_3050 copyJCP_3651 copyJCP_3081 copyJCP_3159 copyJCP_3175 copyJCP_3738 copyVCS_0498 copyVCS_0497 copyJCP_3283 copyVCS_0540 copy5U2A0182 copyJCP_3325 copyJCP_3347 copyJCP_3369 copy 3The families came together to create a beautiful and touching slideshow of Jillian and Kevin, full of laughs and tears.JCP_3436 copyJCP_3445 copyJCP_3475 copy

The groom’s best man is a comedian.. he’s performed at Caroline’s in the city!  He had the entire wedding crying from laughter!

JCP_3574 copyJCP_3618 copyJCP_3627 copyJCP_3631 copyFile315 copyFile344 copyFile232 copyFile287 copyFile360 copyFile240 copyFile214 copy

JCP_3707 copy


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