Louis + Katie: Wedding at The Raritan Inn At Middle Valley, Califon Wedding, Raritan Inn Wedding Photography

Having met Louis and Katie and knowing the creative people that they are, it’s no surprise that they pulled off this incredible day at the beautiful Raritan Inn At Middle Valley in Califon NJ. It’s hard for me to find the right words for this wedding, as I feel they would not do it justice.  The entire day of Katie and Louis’s wedding, I had an overwhelming sense of joy as the environment was filled with a whimsical and magical energy for this couple.  And never in all of my years shooting have a met a couple so light hearted and free spirited.  Here’s some examples;  when Louis would go in for a kiss, he would kiss Katie with his entire face and hands.  They loved the river by their ceremony space, so of course we went directly into the water for some pictures.  The brass band march that lead the entire wedding party to the reception was the most fun I’ve ever seen a bridal party and group of guests have.  There was not a moment of stress or anxiety, just sheer love and unadulterated fun.  Katie and Louis, I were to go to photographer heaven, I would shoot your day over and over and over and I would never tire from this incredible day. XO janine

Hair/Makeup: Ore’ Makeup Design
Dress: Wtoo by Watters, Alterations By: The Wedding Dresser
DJ: Tom Beal
Cake: Gourmet Touch Bakery
Wedding Planner: An Affair to Remember
Florals: The Botanical Box

JCP_1939 copyJCP_1961 copyJCP_1955 copyJCP_1936 copyJCP_1901 copyJCP_2155 copy

JCP_2163 copyJCP_2202 copyJCP_2219 copyJCP_2133 copy_KEV9857 copyJCP_2115 copyJCP_2377 copyJCP_2380 copyJCP_2510 copyJCP_2598 copyJCP_2689 copyJCP_2744 copyJCP_2357 copyJCP_2354 copy

JCP_2873 copyJCP_2897 copyJCP_2936 copyJCP_2961 copy_KEV0300 copyJCP_3229 copyJCP_3239 copyJCP_3265 copyJCP_3281 copyJCP_3298 copy_KEV0376 copyJCP_3348 copy_KEV0401 copyJCP_3368 copyJCP_3382 copyDSC_9455 copyDSC_9463 copyDSC_9471 copyJCP_3525 copyJCP_3535 copyJCP_3551 copy

JCP_3591 copy_KEV0587 copy_KEV0874 copy_KEV0882 copy_KEV0563 copy_KEV0515 copyJCP_4130 copyJCP_4136 copyJCP_4139 copyJCP_4186 copy_KEV1138 copyJCP_4223 copy_KEV1180 copy_KEV1186 copyJCP_4255 copy_KEV1238 copy_KEV1266 copyJCP_4327 copyJCP_4331 copyJCP_4332 copyJCP_4343 copyJCP_4356 copyJCP_4376 copyJCP_4378 copyDSC_9579 copyJCP_4389-Edit copyDSC_9585 copy_KEV1346 copyJCP_4417 copy_KEV1424 copy_KEV1574 copy_KEV1578 copyDSC_9711 copyDSC_9792 copy_KEV1513 copy_KEV1467 copyJCP_4505 copyJCP_4504 copy_KEV1592 copy_KEV1632 copyDSC_0010 copyDSC_9962 copyDSC_9969 copyDSC_9985 copyDSC_0025 copyDSC_0026 copyDSC_0034 copyDSC_0041 copy

_KEV0908 copyJCP_4000 copy

JCP_5047 copyJCP_5025 copyJCP_5080 copyJCP_5099 copyJCP_5134 copyJCP_5115 copyJCP_4619 copyJCP_4632 copyJCP_4650 copyJCP_4652 copyJCP_4680 copyJCP_4713 copy_KEV1900 copyJCP_4759 copy_KEV1992 copyJCP_4813 copyJCP_5274 copy_KEV2199 copyJCP_5298 copyJCP_5303 copyJCP_5323 copyJCP_5333 copyJCP_5351 copyJCP_5358 copyJCP_5375 copy_KEV2113 copyJCP_5497 copyJCP_5596 copyJCP_5602 copyJCP_5611 copyJCP_5615 copyJCP_5623 copy

JCP_5399 copy_KEV2173 copyJCP_5437 copyJCP_5449 copyJCP_5477 copyJCP_5693 copyJCP_5695 copyJCP_5723 copyJCP_5731 copyJCP_5746 copyJCP_5782 copy  JCP_5831 copy_KEV2562 copy_KEV2588 copy_KEV2600 copyJCP_5872 copy_KEV2647 copyJCP_5894 copy_KEV2693 copy

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