Wedding: Cortney + Mike: The Rodale Institute – Organic Farm Wedding – Kutztown, PA

I had the pleasure of capturing Cortney and Mike’s incredible wedding at the beautiful Rodale Institute in Kutztown, PA.  This breathtaking venue is home to an all organic farm, with sweeping hills and orchards galore.  Every detail of this day was meticulously planned by the Bride and Groom….  and they are officially the king and queen of DIY!

Reception: The Rodale Institute 

Cake: Appetique

Dress: Melissa Sweet

Bouquets: Dutch Valley Florist
Table Arrangements: Greenway Florist

Brides Hair: Megan Boyle
Bridesmaids hair: DIY
Bride and Bridesmaids make-up: DIY

DJ: Schaffer Sound DJ’s

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JCP_6723 copy

JCP_7286 copy

JCP_7236 copy

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Wedding: Elizabeth + Erich – The Primavera Regency, Stirling NJ Wedding Photographer

It feels so good to go back to your roots sometimes and to visit the streets you grew up on as a child. When Elizabeth asked me to shoot her wedding, I immediately felt completely honored.  You see, I grew up with Elizabeth’s older brother and he was one of the first friends I made in grade school in Somerville, NJ.  My memory of Elizabeth was of a beautiful brown eyed little girl, kind and sweet to all.  So when she asked me to capture her wedding to Erich, I almost cried. To see her marry her love on her wedding day was one I won’t forget.  Erich is her perfect match..witty and fun and full of life. The joining  of these families was one filled with incredible emotion and laughter.  I’m so overjoyed to have been a part of this day and Elizabeth and Erich I wish you a life time of happiness and love!

Ceremony: St. Joseph’s – Raritan NJ

Reception: The Primavera Regency

Hair/Make Up: The Beauty Bar
Dress: Jean-Ralph Thurin


Elizabeth was hungry and asked that someone grab her a mini-bagel.  But these sisters decided to share it. 🙂 The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-09.jpg

Big brother laughs.. ALL day!The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-06The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-12The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-13The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-14The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-15The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-22The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-16The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-17The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-18The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-23The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-24The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-11The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-27The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-28The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-29The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-10The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-21The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-20The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-19The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-26The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-25The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-31The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-30The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-32The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-33The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-34The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-35The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-36

We stopped at the beautiful Nevius Street Bridge in Raritan NJ for some beautiful portraits.The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-37The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-38The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-40The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-42The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-43The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-44The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-46The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-49

Elizabeth’s mom asked that we go back to her home for a toast with some of the guests before heading to the reception. E+E got to say hello to their beautiful dogs for a quick moment.The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-50The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-54

I love this moment, right before Mrs. Knapp gave a toast, Elizabeth and her mom shared a personal moment.  She was telling her how much she loves her. Such joy!The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-52The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-53The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-55The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-56The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-57The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-58The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-59The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-60The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-61The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-62The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-63The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-64The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-65JCP_6110 copy.jpgThe-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-66The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-67The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-68


{Wedding: Heather + Joe} Old Mill Inn, Basking Ridge, New Jersey Wedding Photographer

JCP_8264 copy JCP_8189 copy JCP_8185 copy JCP_8171 copy JCP_8169 copy

During the bridesmaid toast, Heather began to get emotional, so of course her lovely sister is blowing on her makeup so it doesn’t run!!

JCP_8382 copy JCP_8380 copy JCP_8430 copy JCP_8431 copy JCP_8520 copy JCP_8571-Edit copy JCP_8547-Edit copy

Just looking at the card handed to her from Joe, brought Heather to tears!JCP_8700 copy JCP_8701 copy JCP_8731 copy JCP_8746 copy JCP_8874 copy JCP_8884 copy JCP_8890 copy JCP_8899 copy

There are no words for their First Look.  The tears were immense and absolutely beautiful!JCP_8909 copy JCP_8910 copy JCP_8911 copy JCP_8946 copy JCP_8968 copy JCP_9117 copy JCP_9123 copy JCP_9351 copy JCP_9400 copy JCP_9406 copy JCP_9492 copy JCP_9501 copy

_NNK9384 copyJCP_9550 copy JCP_9555 copy QOL_5740 copy

JCP_0003 copy JCP_0011 copy JCP_0071 copy JCP_0105 copy JCP_0214 copy JCP_0135 copy QOL_6135 copy

JCP_0187 copy _NNK9621 copy

JCP_0304 copyJCP_0301 copyJCP_0417 copy JCP_0416 copy

JCP_0466 copy JCP_0479 copy JCP_0488 copy JCP_0502 copy JCP_0549 copy JCP_0554 copy JCP_0630 copy JCP_0604 copy JCP_0641 copy JCP_0697 copy JCP_0701 copy JCP_0732 copy

Hand down, the most incredible Best Man speech ever! ELI MANNING, sent a personal video message to Heather and Joe!  Their reaction is priceless!!!!JCP_0768 copy JCP_0770 copy JCP_0773 copy JCP_0777 copy JCP_0935 copy JCP_0937 copy JCP_0998 copy JCP_1006 copy JCP_1081 copy JCP_1165 copy JCP_1355 copy JCP_5326 copy _NNK9679 copy _NNK9858 copy _NNK9936 copy

JCP_1244 copy JCP_1255 copy

{Wedding: Abby + Matt} Fiddlers Elbow Country Club Wedding – New Jersey Wedding Photographer

If I could describe Matt and Abby’s wedding in one word, it would be ‘timeless.’  Abby and Matt truly made sure every beautiful detail of their day was planned perfectly.  From the exquisite flowers, to Abby’s lace dress, to the subtle yet fantastic ‘Hare’ references in Matt’s cuff links and cake topper; no detail was left unfinished.  Their wedding was a beautiful gathering of family and friends from many places and some matt’s family traveled from England to be a part of their day.  Their wedding was also on one of the hottest days of the year, so we stayed outside for their formals for only about 20 minutes or so, but in end, their love shined through the soaring temperatures and we are left with imagery of tender expressions towards one another. 🙂  Thanks Abby and Matt for letting me capture your beautiful day!

Ceremony: Saint James Chapel-Basking Ridge

Reception: Fiddler’s Elbow Country Club

Wedding Planner: EVJ Wedding Co.

Special Thanks to Steve of Liquid Fusion Photography for 2nd shooting with me!

JCP_3755 copy

Untitled-1 copy

JCP_3815 copyJCP_3831 copy

JCP_3871 copyJCP_3888-2 copy

JCP_3771 copy

JCP_4008 copyJCP_4164 copy

JCP_4141 copyJCP_3948 copy

JCP_4474-Edit-2 copy

F61A8734 copy

934A9446 copy

F61A8723 copy934A9405 copy

JCP_4584 copy

JCP_4454-2 copy

JCP_3995 copy

F61A8881 copy

JCP_4592 copy

JCP_4716 copy JCP_4726 copy JCP_4722 copy

JCP_4738 copyJCP_4764 copy JCP_4766 copy JCP_4775 copy JCP_4836 copy

F61A8990 copy F61A8976 copyF61A9004 copy

F61A9013-2 copy

JCP_4793 copy JCP_4819 copy

JCP_4902-2 copy

JCP_5748 copy JCP_5668 copy

JCP_5680 copyJCP_5718 copy JCP_5109 copy JCP_5210 copy JCP_5188 copy JCP_5277 copy JCP_5225 copy JCP_5442 copy JCP_5410 copy JCP_5519 copy JCP_5513 copy JCP_5469 copy

F61A9114 copyJCP_5549-2 copy 934A9973-2 copy934A9950 copy

JCP_5587 copyJCP_5602 copyJCP_5615 copyJCP_5906 copy JCP_5949 copy JCP_5952 copy JCP_5995 copy JCP_5983 copy JCP_6057 copy JCP_6090 copy JCP_6110 copy JCP_6125 copy JCP_6135 copy JCP_6147 copy JCP_6163 copy JCP_6166 copy JCP_6179 copy JCP_6185 copy JCP_6222 copy JCP_6235 copy JCP_6258 copy JCP_6308 copy JCP_6411 copy JCP_6436 copy JCP_6473 copy JCP_6553 copy

JCP_6613 copy JCP_6655 copy

F61A9407 copyF61A9395 copyF61A9347 copyF61A9278 copyF61A9225 copy

The bride and groom thanking their guests for attending..and a special mention to Matt’s godmother, who traveled from England to be a part of the day!JCP_6856 copy JCP_6858 copy JCP_6862 copy JCP_6970 copy JCP_6979 copy JCP_6986 copy JCP_6996 copy JCP_7052 copy JCP_7086 copy JCP_7115 copy

{Wedding: Jessica + Joe} Nanina’s in the Park Belleville, NJ Wedding Photographer

It was an absolute pleasure shooting Jessie and Joe’s wedding!  Their day was packed with awesome moments and lots of love and laughter. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of it and share in your story.

Special Thanks to Nick of Nick and Kelly Photography for 2nd shooting this awesome day with me!
JCP_9134-2 copy
Untitled-1 copy
JCP_9084 copyJCP_9126 copyJCP_9096 copy
JCP_9214 copyJCP_9155 copyJCP_9295 copyJCP_9285 copy
JCP_9421 copyJCP_9271 copy JCP_9360 copy JCP_9356 copy

JCP_9497 copyJCP_9486 copy
JCP_9981 copyJCP_9606 copyJCP_9684 copyJCP_9666 copyJCP_9711 copy

_NNK9692 copyJCP_9775 copyJCP_9802-2 copyJCP_9854 copy

JCP_9904 copyJCP_9887 copyJCP_0073 copyJCP_0028 copyJCP_0038 copyJCP_0043 copy

JCP_0058 copyJCP_9907-2 copy_NNK9723 copyJCP_9929 copyJCP_0110 copy_NNK9831 copyJCP_0136 copyJCP_0346 copyJCP_0467 copyJCP_0615 copyJCP_0617 copyJCP_0694 copyJCP_0866 copyJCP_1559 copyJCP_0858 copyJCP_1024 copyJCP_0991 copyJCP_1004 copyJCP_1115 copyJCP_1137 copyJCP_1139 copyJCP_1197 copyJCP_1239 copyJCP_1318 copyJCP_1382 copyJCP_1395 copyJCP_1337 copyJCP_1370 copyJCP_1680 copyJCP_1811 copyJCP_1814 copy_NNK0395 copy_NNK0439 copy_NNK0385 copy_NNK0230 copy_NNK0221 copy_NNK0211 copy_NNK0163 copy_NNK0121 copy

Wedding: Valerie + Matthew – The Palace at Somerset Park, Somerset NJ – Kirkpatrick Chapel, Central New Jersey Wedding Photographer

Ceremony: Kirkpatrick Chapel – New Brunswick, NJ

Hair/makeup: La Sorella Bridal

Reception: The Palace at Somerset Park, Somerset, NJ

Valerie and Matthew it’s hard to put into words how I felt about shooting your day.  Why? Because sometimes, it’s hard to describe the mere magic that can be seen in images with words.  From the moment I arrived at for the getting ready images, it was clear that their wedding day was the true joining of two souls destined for one another.  Upon my arrival, Valerie was at the end of a ‘treasure hunt’ that Matthew lead her on, a series of cards and clues to lead her to his gift; the most beautiful pearl necklace.  And her gift to him? The most incredible inscribed pocket watch.  Truly timeless gifts, much like their love for one another.  In all of my years shooting, I don’t think I have ever seen a couple smile, ALL DAY.  I mean, it was amazing at how the small mention of each others name lead them to beam with joy.  Valerie’s procession down the aisle was incredible, and when her father handed over his daughter to his new son, I still get chills.  I watched tears in his eyes and he said something to his new son, which I couldn’t hear, but I know it important as they ensued with a hug at the end.  And this moment when Valerie and Matthew they finally saw each other? The love in the air was palpable. That feeling lasted all day and into the night as they partied the night away with their family and friends.  Valerie and Matthew, thank you for allowing me to capture your day. I can’t thank you enough, truly. I felt so moved capturing the incredible passion you have for one another and wish you many many many years of love and happiness!

Special thanks to Nick of Nick and Kelly Photography for 2nd shooting with me!

details copy_JCP8679 copy _JCP8732 copy _JCP8717 copy _JCP8785 copy _JCP8801 copy_JCP8757 copy_JCP8968 copy_JCP8980
_JCP9393 copy_JCP9198 copy_JCP9352 copy_JCP8915 copy_JCP8959 copy
_JCP9085 copy

_JCP9273 copy _JCP9277 copy _JCP9311 copy

_NNK0167 copy _NNK0205 copy _NNK0212 copy _NNK0236 copy _NNK0268 copy _NNK0272 copy _JCP9491-Edit copy

_NNK0430 copy