Jessica + Mike: Rock Island Lake Club Wedding, Sparta NJ

Oh Jessica and Mike, your day was absolutely perfect in every way.  But, I can truly say if it was stormy rainy day, it wouldn’t have mattered at all. You guys are just that type of couple that brings joy where ever they are.   I love that you both knew each other in HS , (Mike also asked Jess out on HS, but she said no!) and to have reconnected many years later is truly something special. Your vows to each other was so in sync with each others.  It’s amazing to listen to two souls make these beautiful promises that sound so inline with each other. Something special for sure.

Your family and friends made me feel so welcome the entire day and there was so much joy in the air it felt palpable.  And let’s not forget the laughter; during prep, through the ceremony and reception where Mike’s brother left the entire room in tears (including myself) with his heartfelt comedic toast!  I can’t forget the jersey shore Springsteen band who truly rocked the night away. I remember looking over at Jess as she was rocking out to the band and her hair began to slowly falling out of place. I remember thinking to myself, this is why I do this; these honest, beautiful and fun moments with incredible clients make my job so easy, so very easy.  Thank you Jess and Mike for allowing me to capture this remarkable moment in your lives. xo Janine

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Wedding: Cortney + Mike: The Rodale Institute – Organic Farm Wedding – Kutztown, PA

I had the pleasure of capturing Cortney and Mike’s incredible wedding at the beautiful Rodale Institute in Kutztown, PA.  This breathtaking venue is home to an all organic farm, with sweeping hills and orchards galore.  Every detail of this day was meticulously planned by the Bride and Groom….  and they are officially the king and queen of DIY!

Reception: The Rodale Institute 

Cake: Appetique

Dress: Melissa Sweet

Bouquets: Dutch Valley Florist
Table Arrangements: Greenway Florist

Brides Hair: Megan Boyle
Bridesmaids hair: DIY
Bride and Bridesmaids make-up: DIY

DJ: Schaffer Sound DJ’s

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Wedding: Elizabeth + Erich – The Primavera Regency, Stirling NJ Wedding Photographer

It feels so good to go back to your roots sometimes and to visit the streets you grew up on as a child. When Elizabeth asked me to shoot her wedding, I immediately felt completely honored.  You see, I grew up with Elizabeth’s older brother and he was one of the first friends I made in grade school in Somerville, NJ.  My memory of Elizabeth was of a beautiful brown eyed little girl, kind and sweet to all.  So when she asked me to capture her wedding to Erich, I almost cried. To see her marry her love on her wedding day was one I won’t forget.  Erich is her perfect match..witty and fun and full of life. The joining  of these families was one filled with incredible emotion and laughter.  I’m so overjoyed to have been a part of this day and Elizabeth and Erich I wish you a life time of happiness and love!

Ceremony: St. Joseph’s – Raritan NJ

Reception: The Primavera Regency

Hair/Make Up: The Beauty Bar
Dress: Jean-Ralph Thurin


Elizabeth was hungry and asked that someone grab her a mini-bagel.  But these sisters decided to share it. 🙂 The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-09.jpg

Big brother laughs.. ALL day!The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-06The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-12The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-13The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-14The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-15The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-22The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-16The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-17The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-18The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-23The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-24The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-11The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-27The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-28The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-29The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-10The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-21The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-20The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-19The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-26The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-25The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-31The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-30The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-32The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-33The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-34The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-35The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-36

We stopped at the beautiful Nevius Street Bridge in Raritan NJ for some beautiful portraits.The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-37The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-38The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-40The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-42The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-43The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-44The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-46The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-49

Elizabeth’s mom asked that we go back to her home for a toast with some of the guests before heading to the reception. E+E got to say hello to their beautiful dogs for a quick moment.The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-50The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-54

I love this moment, right before Mrs. Knapp gave a toast, Elizabeth and her mom shared a personal moment.  She was telling her how much she loves her. Such joy!The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-52The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-53The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-55The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-56The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-57The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-58The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-59The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-60The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-61The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-62The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-63The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-64The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-65JCP_6110 copy.jpgThe-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-66The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-67The-Primavera-Regency-Wedding-Photographer-68


{Wedding: Heather + Joe} Old Mill Inn, Basking Ridge, New Jersey Wedding Photographer

JCP_8264 copy JCP_8189 copy JCP_8185 copy JCP_8171 copy JCP_8169 copy

During the bridesmaid toast, Heather began to get emotional, so of course her lovely sister is blowing on her makeup so it doesn’t run!!

JCP_8382 copy JCP_8380 copy JCP_8430 copy JCP_8431 copy JCP_8520 copy JCP_8571-Edit copy JCP_8547-Edit copy

Just looking at the card handed to her from Joe, brought Heather to tears!JCP_8700 copy JCP_8701 copy JCP_8731 copy JCP_8746 copy JCP_8874 copy JCP_8884 copy JCP_8890 copy JCP_8899 copy

There are no words for their First Look.  The tears were immense and absolutely beautiful!JCP_8909 copy JCP_8910 copy JCP_8911 copy JCP_8946 copy JCP_8968 copy JCP_9117 copy JCP_9123 copy JCP_9351 copy JCP_9400 copy JCP_9406 copy JCP_9492 copy